Real Ova Deceit works on mixtape “I Can’t Slow Down”

April 14, 2023 0

Real Ova Deceit, who also goes by the names R.O.D, is an independent hip-hop artist from Tampa, Florida, now taking his talents to Vermont for almost a decade. His music career started when he purchased his first instrumental and he has been hooked ever since. R.O.D isn’t the type top silo himself and collaborates different artists around the area to expand his reach. His main goal in the music industry is to make good music while sharpening his social skills.

One of Real Ova Deceit’s proudest accomplishments was his project in 2022 called “The Real Is Hustle” featuring Black Smurf. Black Smurf and Wiz Khalifa are his biggest musical inspirations, and he is so grateful to be working with one of them already at this point in his career.

Real Ova Deceit is currently working on a follow up project “The Real Is Hustle 2” featuring Black Smurf, as well as an eight-song/video mixtape called “I Can’t Slow Down” with a feature from Brother Polight.

Despite any obstacles that may come his way, Real Ova Deceit wakes up every day with a sense of purpose and drive to continue pursuing his dreams. His unique style and energy are sure to bring him success in the music industry, and he hopes to one day collaborate with his inspiration, Wiz Khalifa.



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