Virginia Artist Crash The Bandit Heats up The Summer with Independent Hits

June 29, 2023 0

Crash-The-Bandit-2 Virginia Artist Crash The Bandit Heats up The Summer with Independent Hits

Cameron Hunt AKA Crash The Bandit is a dynamic artist from Virginia. He has an energetic, yet spontaneous sound backed by a flow almost completely rooted in the chaos and love of unpredictability. Similar to artists like Quin NFN and Da Baby, he uses not only his cadence but also his wordplay coupled with an ever-changing style of production. He aims to show his versatility to the world.

Crash The Bandit was born to a single mother and an older brother. To provide for her two sons his mother worked two jobs while pursuing her college degree. Crash’s love for music started at an early age. It most likely happened on an early Sunday Morning where him and his brother were cleaning the house while their mother played songs from “The Score” by The Fugees to “Mama Said Knock You Out” by LL Cool J. Crash claims his passion for music sparked while watching the “Crossroads” music video for the first time at his grandmother’s house. And from that point Crash would do anything just to listen to more music, from staying up late to watch the new Z-Ro music video on BET Uncut to buying a cassette player to listen to his uncle’s cassette tapes.

Crash The Bandit launched his career in 2016 with a series of singles, “12”, “First Day Out” and “Since a Shorty”, he then followed up with his debut EP called “One Night” in 2019. Since then, he’s collaborated with numerous artists in Virginia while releasing various singles and even releasing the collaborative project “HoodRat Sh*t With My Friends” with Marlo Badass in 2022. He has also stated to be ready to release the long awaited “Big SoufSide 17” with Soufside Monte and that it might be his last collaborative project after the passing of Soufside Monte. Crash is one of the next best emerging artists and continues to prove himself time and time again with Release like “Whateva It Takes” and “Dirty Dan” both released earlier this year.

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