BeatStars Announces Strategic Partnership with Lemonaide

July 25, 2023 0

BEATSTARS-LOGO-COLOR-LIGHT-500x91 BeatStars Announces Strategic Partnership with Lemonaide

BeatStars, the global leader in beat buying and selling, has entered a strategic alliance with AI music startup Lemonaide to support creators with ethical AI tools designed for creative inspiration. Rooted in a shared commitment to empower creators and their craft, the two artist-centric companies join forces on a mission to set the ethical standard for the music industry’s adoption of artificial intelligence. 

BeatStars Founder and CEO Abe Batshon and Lemonaide Co-Founder and CEO Michael “MJ” Jacob were artists long before launching their respective music tech companies. By embracing AI early on, they aim to establish a precedent for ethical AI business models in the music industry–creating tools to empower and inspire while partnering openly with the creator community to evolve AI tools the right way.

One of the key differentiators of this partnership is the commitment by both companies to only use ethically-sourced AI that empowers artists. Lemonaide’s ‘homegrown” AI was created by musicians for musicians to help music producers find new ways to write, produce, and create. Intentionally designed to inspire rather than generate complete works, Lemonaide purposefully generates short musical ideas to spark inspiration, push creative boundaries, and pull artists out of their creative slump. Lemonaide’s AI is trained exclusively on voluntarily contributed data from producers. This approach ensures that creators are actively involved in the training process and are appropriately compensated for their contributions. 

“MJ built Lemonaide from the ground up with the right intentions in mind – not to replace producers and artists, but to inspire them,” says BeatStars CEO and Founder Abe Batshon. “The Lemonaide team shares our commitment to protecting creators and equipping them with the tools they need to make great music.”

“Having started my music career as a BeatStars member, this really feels like a full-circle moment,” says Michael Jacob, CEO and Founder of Lemonaide. “I’m looking forward to seeing the creativity sparked among the community as a result of our partnership with BeatStars.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Lemonaide, a true pioneer in the field of AI music,” says Sean Gorman, BeatStars Chief Operating Officer. “Together, we aim to provide creators with powerful tools that respect their creative vision and support their artistic journey. By incorporating ethical AI practices from the outset, we can revolutionize the way artists work with AI and create a positive impact in the music industry.”

Founded in 2008 by entrepreneur and music enthusiast Abe Batshon, BeatStars has become the #1 global marketplace for selling and licensing beats, serving a community of over 10 million creators, producers, and recording artists around the world to connect and collaborate, while empowering its members to become successful entrepreneurs. Through a groundbreaking partnership with Sony Music Publishing, BeatStars offers premium publishing services to its members, which has led to numerous hit placements and helped the BeatStars community achieve new heights of success. BeatStars producers have contributed to

multi-platinum hits like “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X, “Whoopty” by CJ, and many more. 

Having paid out over $250 million to its members through its marketplace and publishing services, BeatStars reached another proud milestone earlier this year when BeatStars’ producers contributed to works that earned three 2022 GRAMMY awards. 

Founded in 2021 by Hip-Hop artist and Technologist Michael “MJ” Jacob, Lemonaide is an artist-focused music technology company that helps musicians find new ways to write, produce, and create, while keeping the artist front and center. MJ later crossed paths with Anirudh Mani, an AI Research Scientist and a talented music producer, who joined MJ as a Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer of Lemonaide. Together, they are pioneering the future of what it means for musicians to interact with AI technologies. Lemonaide has already been used by thousands of producers and has helped empower and inspire even more excitement in the creative process.

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