7 Artists to Listen to While Playing Video Poker

August 29, 2023 0

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Game developers input different sound effects and music at various game stages. Therefore, the music doesn’t interrupt the players’ strategic thinking; instead, it creates a more subtle mood for wise decision-making, making the game more fun.

Video poker games are thrilling and require maximum concertation. With every round, you must pay attention to the dealer’s moves, your opponent’s, and your hands. There are various gaming strategies that poker players use to be in the right mind space when playing online video poker. Some prefer having music playing in the background. There are various perks which are associated with playing music when video gaming.

You need maximum concentration during an online poker game; however, your subconscious mind can be easily distracted by sounds and voices beyond the game. While the subconscious mind plays a crucial role in reminding us of our surroundings, it can frequently interrupt your flow of thoughts during the game. When you play music in your video poker gaming rounds, you momentarily subdue your subconscious mind, making it focus on the music.

It’s highly recommended you pick songs you are familiar with. When you play unfamiliar songs, your mind will focus more on the music, trying to break down the elements of the song, like lyrics and tempo. Your customized playlist will create a calming environment during video poker gaming sessions.

Frank Sinatra, “Luck, Be A Lady”

Frank Sinatra is a world-renowned performer who is deeply rooted in Las Vegas, the world’s gambling capital. His songs are still played in many casinos globally. 

People often find that the songs keep them calm during tense poker moments. His music resonates with gamblers because Frank has an understanding of gambling. 

Kenny Rogers, “The Gambler”

Start your video poker gaming session with a playlist featuring the best songs of Kenny Rogers. Kenny Rogers sang one of the most famous songs in history about poker. “The Gambler” was written by Don Schlitz and was among the most successful singles performed by Kenny Rogers. 

The Gambler” went to number one on the country music charts. It also ended up being used in slot machines and casinos around the world. People appreciate how the song connects gambling and country music authentically. 

Sting, “Shape of My Heart”

The “Shape of My Heart” by Sting is featured in the Casino Royale movie during a poker game. According to an interview in 2021 by Rick Beato, Sting, and guitarist Dominic Miller explained the song narrated the story of a gambler playing poker, not to win but to identify something that was eluding him. 

The song encourages poker players to continue enjoying the game whether they win or not. They can search for the meaning of luck instead, just as the song’s lyrics intended. This can help you to feel at ease when playing video poker, especially when you’re losing. 

Lady Gaga, “Poker Face”

Elevate your gaming experience by adding a Lady Gaga playlist to your video poker game. Lady Gaga is an innovator in music and “Poker Face”, released in 2009, proved this. It sold more than 9 million copies around the world. 

There are many poker terms used throughout the song which she uses as metaphors for cheating on her lover. Regardless of the meaning of the song, it’s a fun one to play when you’re in desperate need of a good poker face

O.A.R.. “That Was a Crazy Game of Poker” 

Rock music can make the video poker experience incredibly exciting. Your rock playlist should include a few songs by O.A.R. to create a sense of excitement and adrenaline rush during the game. 

The rhythm of the music will keep you engaged and focused during those long poker games. 

Juice Newton, “Queen of Hearts”

Juice Newton is widely known for his song, “Queen of Hearts”. The song involves her narrating a poker game experience. 

You can augment the suspense of video poker by incorporating a playlist of Juice Newton’s famous hits. Unlike the excitement triggered by rock, this playlist will combine anticipation and excitement in one video poker gaming experience. 

Deadmau5, “Alive”

Listening to electronic music can eliminate anxiety and nervousness in a video poker game. A playlist featuring hits by Deadmau5 will invite the adrenaline rush and excitement you need in a poker game. He is also a DJ, so you can use one of his mixes as your preferred video poker game playlist. Deadmau5 even has its own online slot game.

The Bottom Line

Listening to music while playing is a great idea, but always prioritize the gaming experience, since music may also disturb, as mentioned above. Some specialists are convinced that multitasking sometimes bothers us more than helps, especially when there are people who do not easily concentrate on their main job. So, always be self-aware and don’t let listening and gaming experiences act against each other.

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