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With Hip-Hop now considered the most prominent genre in the world, many factors alluded to such the accomplishment, including the documentation of the culture. Whether it’s photography, videography, and/or other content creation, being able to see behind the scenes of our incredible artform played a significant role in it’s rise to the top. So who are those responsible for the documentation behind the music? Unfortunately many of these unsung heroes never get the recognition they deserve.

However today, we’re here to highlight arguably the most important Hip-Hop lens in recent years, New Vegas Films. Aside from curating some of the most iconic cultural moments, NVF has created his own signature style that truly separates him from everyone else in the field. Over 2,000 people have “Went To Vegas,” providing cultural credibility and commercial validation to all those that have stepped in front his lens. Transitioning seamlessly between photography, motion pictures, creative direction, music videos, curation, executive producing and writing, Vegas has redefined what it means to be a creative. He has the dynamic ability to execute each client’s unique vision, while implementing his own creativity, producing nothing but masterpieces.

His work has been featured on ESPN, Complex, Hot97, HypeBeast, The Fader and countless other top tier platforms. Last year, which marked only 5 years behind the lens, NVF was recognized by Mass Appeal and the State of New York for his dedication to the documentation of Hip-Hop, receiving an official citation from the Nassau County Legislature.

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So who is New Vegas Films? Well who better to speak on his story than the man himself. Below I had the pleasure of chopping it up with Vegas for an exclusive interview where he spoke on his start in the industry, his signature style, influences and much more.


What made you start photography?
NVF: “So originally.. I got into visual and content work to add value to me and the homies that I grew up With.. for their music videos and short form content. Shortly after, I started working for a few major restaurants like Sticky’s and King Umbertos, doing their content. But I always wanted to lean more into the Hip-Hop world with my work. So while working with Sticky’s, I met the bros, 1000 Words And Sinematic. We would then run around the entire Tri-State area and document all the people we were listening to at the time. The rest is history!”

Who are some of your favorite photographers?
NVF: “Man, I have a lot and most of them are the homies. We got 1000 Words – Sinematic – El Calvador – Who Shot Yuh – Koriography – Gee – MNTY of Surface Wave Mag .. basically all people that do dope organic sh*t.”

This might be hard, but who has been your favorite picture to capture?
NVF: “Always a hard question [haha] .. because it changes a lot. But if I had to say as of lately it’s been Busta Rhymes. Just for the simple fact that there’s not many new portraits of him out there, where he’s actually looking at the camera [haha]. Also the story behind me even getting the picture at ‘Roots Picnic’ is very sentimental [to me]. I’d also say my Ice Cube and Xzibit shots are close runner ups.”

Your style is definitely a 1 of 1. What sparked the idea of the 3 second gesture pose?
NVF: “I had this vision of how I wanted to present those that I captured. Sort of in this VHS/Super 8-esque light. It’s not exactly that… but just a reference of what inspired me. You know.. like those old skateboard BMX tapes. It’s a choppy, not so clean look, but organic imagery. I just wanted to be different. I didn’t see anyone else doing this style so I went for it. It’s what put me on the map.. what opened so many doors for me. And now it’s known as my signature.”


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You also shoot music videos — is that a lane you want to get more involved with?
NVF: “Definitely! Fire ones of course. I have a few videos under my belt already, with artists such as Smoke DZA, Curren$y, Benny The Butcher, Rome Streetz, Nym Lo, 38 Spesh, Termanology, Statik Selektah, and UFO Fev. You’ll see a lot more in the future of course. I’ve also done commercial drone work for the New York Islanders and ESPN for their ESPN+ documentaries.”

What can fans expect from NVF for the rest of 2024?
NVF: “For one, you can expect more [new] artists and cultural figures catching my signature Vegas flick. I’ll also be doing a lot more branding and commercial work. I have a short film being done about me and my work by Surface Wave.. which I’m very excited about. And last but no least.. I have quite a few events and galleries scheduled with my new business venture “Corner Store” with Iron Solomon. More Creativity all around. Stay tuned!”

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