Miami’s Emerging Superstar Photographer: Chrishtyan Hawkins

May 22, 2024 0

WhatsApp-Image-2024-05-22-at-4.48.32-PM-400x500 Miami’s Emerging Superstar Photographer: Chrishtyan Hawkins

At just sixteen years old, Chrishtyan Hawkins embarked on his journey in the arts and entertainment industry. His career began with the opportunity to work with the renowned artist and designer such as Simply Jess, whom Chrishtyan credits as a significant mentor.

WhatsApp-Image-2024-05-22-at-4.48.32-PM-1-401x500 Miami’s Emerging Superstar Photographer: Chrishtyan Hawkins

Within a few months, Chrishtyan’s talent and dedication earned him collaborations with Miami Swim Week and Miami Fashion Week, making him the youngest photographer to participate in these prestigious events. His portfolio now includes work with prominent artists, designers, and models such as Gabby B and Finesse Gang Polo.

However, Chrishtyan’s path to success was not without challenges. Growing up in foster care, he was exposed to a violent environment that sought to lead him astray. Despite these adversities, Chrishtyan remained determined to shape his own future, driven by his dreams of success.

Chrishtyan’s message to the world is clear: “If you have a dream, go chase it.” Looking ahead, he envisions himself working with major artists and influential figures within the next five years.

Follow his journey on Instagram: @Chrishtyan_Hawkins_Photography.

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