Ace General and Lloyd Banks Sell Out Huge Brooklyn Venue

February 8, 2024 0

unnamed-2-5-500x500 Ace General and Lloyd Banks Sell Out Huge Brooklyn Venue

Ace General, the renowned host, threw the biggest party of the weekend in New York. The event took place in Brooklyn and was a massive success. One of the highlights of the night was the special performance by Lloyd Banks, who hadn’t performed in Brooklyn in over a decade.

Originally, the plan was for us to work at the event, but the combination of great music selected by the DJs and the club being filled with 80% beautiful women quickly turned it into a party. Ace General had enlisted the help of Baddies with Motion and Breezys Angels to host the event, resulting in over 100 ladies walking in at the same time.

The night featured some incredible performances by GFB Fresh, Kyah Baby, Keen Streetz, Dev Eye, SaadGod, and Johnnie Floss. Kyah Baby even brought out Mr. Easy, which brought back a flood of memories. Additionally, she surprised the crowd by inviting fellow Queens natives Nyemiah Supreme and NoRap Money Ox to join her on stage.

From start to finish, the event was fantastic, with no drama to speak of. The only downside was the long lines we had to endure to get inside. However, judging by the numerous posts on social media, it seems like everyone had an amazing experience.

When we had the chance to speak with Ace General, he expressed his goal of bringing nightlife back to New York. He mentioned that currently, Miami and Atlanta are the consistent hotspots, but he wants to change that. His plan is to bring in big names, both old and new, but ensure that the events are not just packed, but also fun.

To further excite his followers, Ace General teased a message on his social media, hinting at a new event featuring Fabolous that will be coming soon.

Overall, the party hosted by Ace General was a huge success, with memorable performances, a great atmosphere, and plans for even more exciting events in the future

unnamed-3-1-346x500 Ace General and Lloyd Banks Sell Out Huge Brooklyn Venue

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