Jerm Deezy Drops New Video Song “BORN2die”

April 10, 2024 0

Jerm-Deezy-333x500 Jerm Deezy Drops New Video Song "BORN2die"

Underground Northern California Hip Hop fans have known for quite some time about talented up and coming Sacramento artist JERM DEEEZY, but after catching the attention of Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘n Out regulars Fats Da Barber and Mr. Clank Clank, Jerm Deeezy has reached new levels of creative fortitude with his new critically acclaimed single “BORN2die” from his upcoming project “Oh How I Wish You Were Here”.

Jerm-Deezy-2-500x374 Jerm Deezy Drops New Video Song "BORN2die"

In “BORN2die”, currently with over 65k views on YouTube, Jerm drops smooth flows with flawless rhythm over a contrasting menacing beat in the streets of Downtown Oakland for an musical experience that is both upbeat and hyphy yet laid back with a coolness factor bordering on insanity. Deeezy’s witty lyrical styles and captivating beats have even caught the attention of rap icon Beeda Weeda, where he features on Weeda’s upcoming release appropriately named “Get Bigger” signifying yet another testament and acknowledgement of Jerm Deeezy’s talents and mass commercial appeal.

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Jerm-Deezy-3-375x500 Jerm Deezy Drops New Video Song "BORN2die"

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