Meet Rising Artist “Solo Drew”

April 22, 2024 0

Screenshot-2024-04-22-085302-500x430 Meet Rising Artist "Solo Drew"

• Tell us everything you can about your newest single release.

“On Go” is going to be a record that introduces the world to who I am for real! Yeah I’ve done other records prior, but this one right here just hits all the check marks from the lyrics, to the composition of the song.

• What details can you tell us about the video drop and larger project release?

For the video specifically, I wanted to approach it differently than anything that I’ve done in the past. From the way we shot certain scenes, down to the sequencing, we had to take this one to the next level. I’m confident that it’s going to get all my supporters, fans & newcomers to grasp exactly what they’re going to get with this upcoming tape of mine. With this project, I’m going to have a lot of heads turned with what I believe are 10 solid tracks with no skips!

• Who is your favorite artist in 2024 and how are they influencing your music or goals?

It’s hard to answer who’s my favorite artist this year but if I had to choose one person this year it would be Fridayy! His will to put his dreams before anything, the grind it took for him to get where he’s at and what he accomplished so far, is incredible. It’s inspiring when you’re on the same path that someone else once was and working your way up to get there.

• Since your last release, what has changed for you and what does the year ahead look like for you?

I would say everything has changed since my last release. My mindset, my drive and just the overall outlook on myself as an artist. It feels like I’m more ready than ever and that the rest of the year is just going to be busy! After this single andtape drops, I’m looking just to be outside wayyy more! Shaking hands, connecting and most importantly sharing my music with everyone that I can.

• You’ve been working on a lot of music. Is there an artist out there right now you want to get on one of these tracks?

Honestly, I’m open to working with anyone who’s doing their thing. I like when other artists are as creative as I am or when they’re willing to collectively create something together. Respectfully, a lot of these artists sound the same right now, so when I hear somebody with a “unique sound” I am 100% down to lock in!

• When working on music, what does your creative process look like and what is your favorite part of the process?

When working on music, I normally find a beat that I like and start creating a melody right away. It really depends if I’m in the studio or not but if I’m not. I try not to force “starting“ with a hook or a verse just because I want every track to be something that you can feel while listening. I think my favorite part about the process is definitely writing and laying the track down, just being in the studio with your creation is an incredible feeling.

• What do you want everyone to know about Solo Drew?

That music is not just a hobby but a lifelong passion of mine. It’s something that I love and truly care about. Through my music I want to touch the masses & be who I’m truly destined to be, a star. I want all of you to come along for the ride with me too.

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