The Moon By Ravoshia Is Ingenious 

January 9, 2024 0

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Originally from Merrillville and Gary, Indiana, and raised in both Bermuda and Beaumont, Texas, Ravoshia (Raa-vash-shia) has striked up quite a conversation in regard to her newly released single called The Moon. It has a unique, sultry, and creative futuristic vibe that really grabs your attention with the singer’s confident performance in both the song and visual portrayal. The visualizer has already accumulated thousands of views on YouTube in just a few days. Ravoshia really proves herself by delivering great vocals, songwriting and star quality. 

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Her imagination is very keen, ingenious, and put on full display. Also, the title of the visualizer mentions imaginary, which puts important emphasis on that being an important factor she wants to get across to the audience. Ravoshia’s quote: “my imagination runs wild all the time, it’s a mastermind” speaks for itself with the singer’s latest single “The Moon”. 

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