BandLab Rolls Out Advanced Mobile Features

July 1, 2024 0

MBA_Blog_Announcement-500x263 BandLab Rolls Out Advanced Mobile Features

BandLab is a powerful platform that’s been redefining music production and has just upped the ante with major enhancements to its mobile app. Introducing mobile Automation, more AutoPitch vocal effects, and enhanced mobile search filters to help find the perfect sample—each designed to make creating music on mobile as powerful as it is on desktop.

Users can now elevate their tracks with precise automation curves on mobile devices, a feature once reserved for desktop software. They can automate volume, pan, and effects settings with granular control, utilizing multi-touch gestures to create smooth transitions and dynamic effects in real-time. This tool democratizes complex production techniques, making them accessible to all users, regardless of their professional studio access. Available in beta to BandLab Members and soon to be free.

How to use Mobile Automation in the BandLab iOS/Android apps:

  • Sign up for Membership: Sign up for BandLab Membership or start your 3-day free trial to use mobile Automation.
  • Turn on Automation: Open a project in BandLab Studio, then tap the Automation button on the top left in the timeline. You can also select a track, and tap on the dropdown list to automate the track’s Volume, Pan, or Effect parameters.
  • Start automating your tracks on mobile: Kick off the process by adding automation points in your selected track to control volume, panning, effect parameters, and more.

New Suite of AutoPitch Vocal Effects: BandLab has expanded its AutoPitch effects toolkit, introducing new categories exclusive for Membership. While all users can access AutoPitch “Essentials”—including Classic, Duet, Big Harmony, and Natural—Members can now tap into exclusive groups like “Hip Hop,” “HyperPop,” and “Sci-Fi.” Each group has four unique filters designed to emulate the diverse vocal styles found in modern rap, experimental pop, and futuristic tracks, adding layers of rich, textured, and even off-the-wall effects. These new filters transform voices into dynamic instruments, enabling artists to effortlessly record boundary-pushing vocals. Available now through BandLab Membership.

How to use new AutoPitch effects in the BandLab iOS/Android apps:

  • Sign up for Membership: Sign up for BandLab Membership or start your 3-day free trial to use mobile Automation.
  • Activate AutoPitch: Open a project in BandLab Studio, create a Voice/Audio track, then tap on AutoPitch™ just above the Record button.
  • Select and customize your effect: Choose your desired effect from the new categories. Adjust the intensity with the Level Knob, select a key and scale in the Chromatic settings, and start recording with real-time tuning and effects.

Enhanced Mobile Filters: BandLab’s latest update transforms the mobile user experience by introducing an intuitive pop-up menu for sample and loop filtering in BandLab Sounds. This redesign eliminates the need for extensive side scrolling, allowing users to apply multiple filters simultaneously—such as BPM, key, genre, and instrument tags—in order to find the right sound, fast. With an added “Recent” toggle, users can now find and search for previously played sounds with ease. Additionally, the key filter now displays a visual representation of a piano keyboard, making it easier to select keys that match your project, while the BPM filter uses a range slider for precise tempo selection. Enhanced mobile filters are currently being rolled out to all users.

How to use enhanced mobile filters in the BandLab iOS/Android apps:

  • Access the BandLab Sounds library: Open a project in BandLab Studio and tap on the + icon to add a new track.
  • Navigate to BandLab Sounds: Tap on BandLab Sounds to import a loop or one-shot sample from the Sounds library.
  • Start searching: Tap the Filter icon in the top right corner to access the new pop-up menu.

BandLab’s latest updates are a game-changer for mobile music production, providing tools and features that empower anyone to create studio-quality music anytime, anywhere.

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