Rappers Respond To Down Low Tell-All, "You Could F*ck Up A Man's Happy Home"

June 6, 2008 6

A former MTV producer Terrance Dean has written a book about his experiences living on the down low in the entertainment industry. In the book, he describes the star-studded, “anything goes” parties that he has attended and provides detailed descriptions of closeted celebs.

Many rappers think that Dean is wrong for releasing this tell-all. “That’s so gay like for you to go and tell all this information,” said Chi-town emcee Yung Berg. [Watch Below]

David Banner agrees. He believes that those that are hiding in hip-hop should be given the opportunity to come out of the closet on their own and likens outing to snitching, a practice that is frowned upon in the hip-hop community.

“I hate this outing, man,” he says. “People are snitches. Everybody is snitches. You have to give people their opportunity. You wouldn’t want nobody to front on you and put your business out there.”

Berg also discussed the possible repercussions of Terrance Dean’s Book.

“You could f*ck up a man’s happy home,” he said. “It might be one of them dudes you talk about in the book that wear his boxers on…but he probably still got a wife and kids and you might f*ck up his life.”

St Louis rapper Nelly was a bit more diplomatic.

“He can say whatever he want to say, I guess,” Nelly said. “These are his experiences. If he’s coming out with things just to make money then yeah, it’s wrong [but] if he’s been violated by a person or some incident that happened to him then I think he has every right to express himself.”

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  • mimi

    He has the right to say what ever he feels is on his mind. What ever happen to the freedom of speech ? Why be on the DOW LOW if you donot want to be exposed ?
    Stop waisting women time and be who you are a brother who likes men. Keep it 100 with yourself give women a choice. In case you were not aware there is AIDS on the rise like never before. This world is a scarey place to live in when there are so many lies.

  • In need of a real man..

    I totally agree with Nelly’s fine ass. These are Terrence Dean’s experiences and he has every right to share them AND make a profit! I’m sure it is a great read. I read that Dean confirmed Deelishis’ (from Flavor of Love) suspicions about a rapper she used to mess with. She was shocked yet relieved to discover that he only cuddled up with her infamous big ass just to throw us off from being a closet fag who has been fucking his hype man for years….Berg and Banner are probably two more that have not been confirmed… yet. How dare they take the side of men who are living a lie with wives and children. What they are doing is wrong, period. Being on the DL is a disgrace to the struggle of all black people and the truth needs to be told. There is and never will be anything wrong with the truth. We live enough lies in this country as it is and outting these homos is pure entertainment! Isnt that what they signed up for anyway? lol Those that cry about “snitching” have something to hide and dont want to be snitched on…Get ya minds right muthafuckas and leave that fag shit to them Europeans.

    • Joe Jackson

      First for one thing..I am a gay black male..not on the DL either..and let me explain something to you..for one I can tell from the content you wrote earlier you are not educated..and for two its people like you who have animosity towards gay men for whatever reason..(maybe YOU can’t get a decent man?..i dont know what the case is and honestly could care less) People like you have negative things to say so you wonder why these men are skeptical to come out and expose their sexual identity to the world..focus on YOUR self and dont judge any one else!

  • In need of a real man..

    Why should Dean live with their lies?

  • CC

    David Banner and Nelly and all of them need to sit down and be quiet… Terrance Dean isn’t messing up a happy home with their wives and kids…Those men should not be sleeping around with other men, then go home to their wives and children…If you want men then be with a man, if you want men and women, then they should’ve let their wives know before they proposed…Lying ass nasty down low men make me sick…you cowards! They messing up their own happy homes stepping out on their marriages whether with a man or woman…They wouldn’t have to worry about somebody outting them if they would take care of home and keep they disease infested dicks in they pants!!!

  • iva

    If you are gay and you know it. Then you shouldnt be with a women and having children with them PERIOD. If you are in the industry then I really suggest artist to first know who they are, get that career and be honest with there fans from day one. People say that coming out will ruin your career especially if you are in the entertainment industry. And that is true, the reason why is because your fans ARE PISSED off because they have been LIED TO. Fans do not like to be lied TO ESPECIALLY WOMEN. If you have TRUE talent, then women will buy your music, movies magazines or whatever it is regardless and see past your sexuality. But when you LIE to them for years and years knowing that you love MEN and would never sleep with a WOMEN then that is what pisses everyone off. Why make songs about women when you really are talking about a man. If I know an artist is gay, and they are honest from the beginning. I would buy their music if they have TALENT. And they can continue to make music. And if they want women fans then make the songs so that it can be for a man or a women. It can both ways. Thats real talent. If their is a GAY actor and hes honest with his fans from the GET GO, then the true test to his acting skills, would be playing a STRAIGHT MAN and if you can pass that without distracting his audience then he has true talent. If I know an actor is gay and hes playing a straight man and his sexuality does not distract me from the movie then thats true talent.

    Stop living a lie and come out Its so sickening when GAY men who are NOT confused stay in these marriages and have children lying to everyone around them only to sleep with men afterwards. Its not the sexual act of sleeping with a man, its lying to your wife when she has no idea whats going on and breaking your VOWS. Its tricking your kids into thinking you are a straight man. Its ALL WRONG. Its not OK to teach even if you are on the DOWNLOW. There are NO EXCUSES. Be honest and stop LYING FOR MONEY and to SAVE FACE, Its WRONG