T.I. might lose millions in AXE Body Spray endorsement deal

September 15, 2010 0

Due to his recent legal troubles, T.I. might be facing more issues than an impending prison sentence.T.I. signed a multi-million dollar endorsement deal with AXE Body Spray earlier this year only after convincing the company he had turned a new image from his previous gun charges arrest. But now AXE is forced to deal with the new charges.

TMZ reports that an official with AXE Body Spray stated the company is “troubled by [T.I.’s] arrest” and have been forced into “reviewing our promotional activities” with the rapper.

This is not good news for T.I. Chevrolet had already distanced their relationship with T.I. after an endorsement deal and now AXE looks like they are about to give T.I. the AXE as well. Kids, take this as a lesson. The next time you decide to do drugs you could be jeopardizing your multi-million dollar endorsement deals as well.

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