DJ Ricochet (@DJRicochet03) – The Ultimate Orgasm 3 (Mixtape)

October 16, 2011 0

9qydn DJ Ricochet (@DJRicochet03) - The Ultimate Orgasm 3 (Mixtape)

DJ Ricochet writes:

It was a crazy, busy, long summer and NOT sadly enough it has come to an end. Waiting in the shadows of summer’s last warm light is: CUFFING SEASON. Gone are the days of sundresses and dayparties with the many opportunities to #bond, no strings attached. Now as the days get shorter there leaves plenty of time to make fun in the moonlight and to, yea, I said it: get cuffed!

And every one knows that each season is marked by its mood music and you’re in luck, I’ve got the answer to all your problems:


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