Kelly Rowland and LaLa Vasquez Show Off Their New “BFF Workout”

July 19, 2011 0

With an album release just a week away, ‘Sexy Abs’ Kelly Rowland is under more pressure than ever to keep her body intact as she gears up for a promo tour.  She appears in an upcoming issue of Shape Magazine with BFF Lala Anthony, in an effort to team up for ‘motivation’. According to the magazine, if you incorporate the buddy system into your weekly exercise routine, you are more likely to stick to a routine than those who go alone.

With the help of Lala and Kelly, Los Angeles Trainer Becky Tinney, shares her most effective exercises to do with a friend which includes the Squat Pass, Seesaw Press, Piggyback Curl, Side Plank Row and more.

“Even when you’re holding a position while your friend moves, you’ll sculpting your muscles by isometrically contracting them. You can double the burn from every exercise.”

via necolebitchie

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