50 Cent & Floyd Mayweather Have Released Official Jackets For “The Money Team”

January 25, 2012 4

Lets see how many “Money Team” dickeaters grab these… I can’t even lie I want one of these bad as shit!

No word yet on whether Ray J. will have to buy one or pay the retail price of a $1000. 50 Cent also plans on releasing, “Street King,” clothing and will be in a movie called, “Freelancers,” with Robert De Niro and Forest Whitaker.


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  • @AshDCash

    These are hot; $1000 is too expensive though for a varsity jacket with stars, $ and letters, and exactly what brand are they. Priced between $400-$600, I would approve, but “The Money Team” is basically capitalizing and building their money off of people who will spend a stack for this jacket. Now I am going to take a page from 2 Chainz book, if you spend $1000 for this you might as well spend $2000 on a Gucci jacket.

  • Courtney

    Come on cuzo..$1000 is too much for a varsity jacket….I see $200 – $300 tops! come on down with thaty pricing and imma cop me one fa sho!

  • Owais

    Where can you buy thease jackets from??

  • I’m from New York and looking to buy the money team jackets. Where can I buy them?