Lil Wayne Debuts His “Trukfit” Clothing Line

January 9, 2012 1

Weezy’s new found love for skateboarding has inspired him to enter the clothing industry and debut his new brand, Trukfit. His own fashion sense of exotic printed skinny pants and jumbo sized boots has been getting Wayne a lot of attention lately. This weekend, the first collection of Trukfit was presented at the Agenda Tradeshow in Long Beach, California. With a Bape and Billionaire Boys Club vibe to the graphics, which include comical caricatures and youthful animations, Weezy’s first line is composed of t-shirts, long sleeve tees, fitteds and skateboard decks. Currently, there’s no word on when Trukfit will be available for purchase.

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  • @AshDCash

    Despite the comments of fashion critics and the many laughs at his printed skinny jeans, people imitate Tunechi’s style. Having locks was once a hairstyle flaunted by Rastas, natives of the DMV, and people from other southern states. Now having locks is hairstyle many young men are adopting nationwide. The influence of Lil’ Wayne is not only impacting Black culture, it is also shaping White surburban teenagers and young adults. Lil’ Wayne’s “I Am Still Music Tour”, grossed $47 million dollars in the U.S. in 2011, the arenas were sold out and nearly every person was wearing a shirt purchased from a concession stand. To build a better picture most of the time, Black people complain about concert shirts being too expensive, they will find someone in the parking lot selling shirts for $10, so these concerts were not sold out because of Black fans, they were primarily White fans, ages 13-30, their parents are fans of Bruce Springsteen, Elton John & Cher. The closest thing to rap their parents may encounter is by default through some artist performing on The American Music Awards.
    When this line actually releases Black teens will fancy somewhat, but the cream of the crop is to target those fans who purchased shirts at the concerts, who bought tickets to the concert and in general who would like to dress in Lil’ Wayne’s clothes, while hanging out with friends or skateboarding.
    The clothing line designs are nice, however it is so many clothing lines available all with the same style. The main ball in Lil’ Wayne’s court, is that his name is behind the line, because other than that it is really no way to distinguish it from other offerings on the market.
    With Lil’ Wayne releasing a clothing line, a question that arises is will Nicki Minaj be next?