Joey Jihad (@JoeyJihadNet) – Priceless Til I'm Lifeless (Mixtape)

August 7, 2012 0

joey-jihad-priceless-til-im-lifeless-mixtape-cover-HHS1987-2012 Joey Jihad (@JoeyJihadNet) - Priceless Til I'm Lifeless (Mixtape)

Joey Jihad, one of Philly’s top spittas is back with a new mixtape called Priceless Til I’m Lifeless. Wow the way track number 2 “Priceless Til I’m Lifeless” starts off, I think its fair to say this is Priceless!!!! Shout out to Jumbo Beatz for all the dope production on this mixtape. You can’t name too many people with that Haddy flow, that shit alone with the punchlines will keep you entertained. Most people just rap but fail to entertain, not Haddy he spits, and keeps you entertained from verse to verse. Pusha Feek and Haddy snapped on that “Back 2 Back” track.

A nigga sneak dissin til I donkey dick their diva” – Joey Jihad on “Back 2 Back”

joey-jihad-priceless-til-im-lifeless-mixtape-tracklist-HHS1987-2012.jpg Joey Jihad (@JoeyJihadNet) - Priceless Til I'm Lifeless (Mixtape)

DOWNLOAD: Joey Jihad – Priceless Til I’m Lifeless (Mixtape)

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