ALBUM SALES: Chief Keef Sells 50K, While T.I. Moves 179K

December 27, 2012 1

ALBUM SALES: Chief Keef Sells 50K, While T.I. Moves 179K

The first week sales numbers are finally in for the 17 year old Chicago rapper that sent the record labels in a bidding war. Chief Keef after deciding to take his talents to Interscope, managed to sell 50,000 units for his debut album, Finally Rich. Remind you his booking agency dropped him for not showing up to his concerts, so last week he didn’t perform at any of the top markets like New York, Philly and LA.

Meanwhile in Atlanta, veteran rapper T.I. eighth studio project Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head sold 179,000 units this past week. No one debuted number one because Taylor Swift‘s R.E.D. album has been at the top of the charts for over 2 months.

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  • Ian Brown

    first off , for a “16 yr old ” to come from the area/environment he did to be able to smoke his dope in his drop top Ferrari is good enough to give any teenage or person from a similar coming up hope .. he became famous over youtube and i respect the fact that he kept doing the youtube thing , in his head ” he wont bite the hand that fed him ” and with each video on youtube his fan base grows more. his gangsta style and money clothes and weed is his ” art ” and hip hop is controlled by artist .. which mean he can rap about what ever he wants .. he’s just selling his art to the people that like that type of art. his record label is partically blame for this too because they have to understand even tho he raps like a grown man ( voice & content ) he’s still only 17 meaning he needs guidance in this big business that been around before his time . so before you criticize him think about how much he doesnt care he already rich his mom and daughter already good forever so he did someting with his life .. & everybody knows chief keef he has one of the most famous voice and style out now, what 50cent needs to do is sign him to g-unit and mold his career! chief keef doesnt sell albums , he sells hope to his generation .. and besides ” he got lots of commas , he can fuck yo momma “