Cheaper to keep her: Kobe and Vanessa Bryant reunited???? via @eldorado2452

February 15, 2012 0

Talk about a Valentine’s Day gift. Just when it seemed that Kobe would be losing over $75 million in assets and would be separating from his wife Vanessa Bryant things may change. Last night after the Los Angeles Lakers 86-78 victory against the Atlanta Hawks the Bryant’s were seen kissing and hugging in the tunnel after the game.

Vanessa was seen in the stands last night and also was waiting for her knight in gold and purple outside the Lakers locker room. I knew something funny was in the air when Kobe only put up 10 points 4 rebounds and 4 assist. I guess love was in the air.

Alot has been made over the possible split between the Bryant’s and it seems now things maybe on hold. The divorce won’t be finalized until June so many the Bryant’s fairytale will continue. I think Kobe is a much better player when facing adversity but I love to see black couples work things out. Only time will tell.

The next Lakers home game is friday night against the Phoenix Suns. Let’s see if Vanessa is in the stands again.

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