HHS1987 Freestyle Friday (12/7/12)

December 7, 2012 32

HHS1987 Freestyle Friday (12/7/12)

Each and every Friday, HipHopSince1987.com will post an instrumental on the website for ANYONE TO DOWNLOAD. All artists whether its rap, r&b, pop and etc is encouraged to download this week’s instrumental and return it by Thursday or within 6 days with 60-90 seconds of a their rap, them singing, or whatever it is that they do on that track.

This week’s beat was produced by Sap (@TheRealSap). Sap has produced for Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, The Game, Tyga, Mac Miller, Juicy J, Kendrick Lamar, SchoolBoy Q, Pusha T, 2 Chainz, Young Jeezy, Bun B, Meek Mill & many more.

Last Week’s Champion: Reek Havoc (@Reek_HavocUPT)

Artist #2: Shawn E (@ShawnE_)

Artist #3: Khature (@Khature)

Artist #4: Trapboy Dubz (@TrapboyDubz)

Artist #5: Dotty (@DottedLine215)

In HHS1987 Freestyle Friday second week, there was a 49-49 tie at the contest end. So we are extended the poll til Saturday 12/8/12 at noon!!!

[poll id=”68″]


The top 5-7 submissions will get posted on HHS1987 Freestyle Friday along with a poll. The poll will close at midnight on Friday. The winner will be announced Saturday and will be given a blog post on HHS1987.com, as well as a post on HipHopSince1987 Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. The winner must participate in the following week.

If there is a winner for 4 weeks straight then he or she will win free advertisement placement on the website.

Make sure you follow @HipHopSince1987 & @ElDorado2452 on Twitter/ Instagram

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  • Kelsey

    Trap is amazing… hands down.. Look him up on YouTube.. Boys wild.

  • royaltytheone

    My fault fellas I listened to traps first shit I ain’t want to listen to nothing else Youzza funny nigga shout to sap hot beat

  • Sam Cook

    You already know Reek won again

  • Trap is the real deal i love his music he speaks the truth what makes him hot is he’s not affraid to talk about the life he lives and u feel the love and passion he brings behind every bar he delivers continue to do you

  • dhunnit

    Dotty won hands down!

  • Blaze

    Dotty all the way!

  • Gavin Pemberton

    I cant hear Dotty’s Track. The media player works for everone but his. That is interfering with the contest.

  • rudegal

    Where is Dottys track? It’s not showing up?

  • DLavar

    Dotty went ham!

  • I dont know none of these niggas but Shawn E ard and Dubs and Reek wasnt ard too…

  • Troy_aka_saballi

    Dotty went Stupid,Dumb,Doe Doe!!!!

  • Ryan

    Reek wins again in my opinion

  • Johnny Blaze

    I don’t know any of these 5 artists, so i have no bias towards anyone. That being said Shawn E. won this hands down, no contest at all. First of all this is a ‘freestyle competition’ and you got some treating it like a song and making hooks, which defies the whole purpose of this contest, and second…its supposed to be 60-90 seconds and you got people doing 2:45. Shawn E. had the best blend of everything. He had the flow, he had the hardest bars no contest, he has the best engineering, and he followed the guidelines by freestyling in the given time. Anyone who honestly doesnt vote for Shawn E. is clearly just riding someone they know

  • Yiddleness TV CO~Signs TrapBoy…..

  • Str8droplek

    My dotty wen ham 1.5 on the way

  • Str8droplek

    My man dotty wen ham 1.5 on the way niggas ain’t fckn wit em

  • Sam Cook

    @hollywood a u a fuckin hater

  • MrLegendary

    Everyone sounded great and had their own twist to it… but DOTTY went ham and killed the track.. on a side note it’s crazy how his track didnt play on some computers?

  • philly bul

    Yo maaan Reek shoulda won i seen em sayin on twitter how the votes wasnt workin for most of the day.. He got whored outta his crown

  • Get It Done

    Da bul Shawn E was jackin bars all in his rap he should be disqualified

  • Steve

    What bars he jack I didnt here any ?

  • Get It Done

    You can hear Big L shit all in his lines… You must be a friend of his ^^^

  • MrsSmith

    You got this baby dont een trip 😉

  • Steve

    im just curious what he jacked? Tell me the bars im a fan of big l I didnt hear any bars…

  • Tiffanie

    Look all I’m gonna say is your all hating on ShawnE. BUT WHAT ARE Y’ALL DOIN? Sittin here talking shit, y’all not out there doin what he is. So..until your trying to do what he is..then don’t knock him for doin what you can!

  • Tiffanie

    Look all I’m gonna say is your all hating on ShawnE. BUT WHAT ARE Y’ALL DOIN? Sittin here talking shit, y’all not out there doin what he is. So..until your trying to do what he is..then don’t knock him for doin what you can’t

  • Meme


  • Phil

    Shawn E shit is hot, u can hear the big L influence in his bars but I aint hear nothin jacked. With that being said I think the bul Reek got it. Bars was way better.

  • DreadHead

    no biased opinion but the bul
    Reek Havoc killed this beat..Style,Flow,Bars i fux wit it!!! Good shit bruh

  • Scoop

    been tryna vote for the past 5 mins and the site was crashed! i hope the homie havoc win it doe he deserve it

  • Tay

    why do the percentages say different results and the votes another??? on top a tht the site wouldnt load for awhile

  • fltskoolscott

    S/O to ShawnE and Reek Havoc…..Yall Broke the internet…cdfu