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If We Judge Rappers Skill Level by Basketball Players (i.e. Hov is MJ) Who is ….???

May 13, 2012 5


Well I was a little late to the discussion here on Philly twitter but CSI aka Shawn or @CSI_GotGame sparked up a pretty nice debate after he tweeted the following

Im curious to know WHO YOU SAY these rappers and others like Jeezy, T.I., Drake, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, 50 Cent, The Game, and more compare to. We are basing this off their skill level compared to an NBA player. For example one may say The Game is like Amare Stoudmire because …, Meek Mill is like Russell Westbrook, Drake is similar to Lebron, Ross is like Derrick Rose and etc. (THESE ARE EXAMPLES I FOUND ON TWITTER).



Im curious to who you think is who, so feel free to drop your opinion in the comments section so you can be heard.

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  • “JAY-Z” – Mike Jordan, cause he’s the fucking BEST!
    “LIL WAYNE” – Kobe, cause he’s still the shit no matter if U like him or NOT!
    “MEEK MILL” – Blake Griffin, cause he’s YOUNG & BALLIN w/ too many HIGHLIGHTS right now!
    “WAKA FLOCKA” – Metta World Peace [Ron Artest] cause he’s WILD, CRAZY, & he’s always getting in TROUBLE!
    “DRAKE” – Bron James, cause’s he’s sensitive/emotional but he still be KILLING NIGGAS!
    I couldn’t think of any one for RICK ROSS, KANYE, JADAKISS…
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  • Man, even though I posed the question I think I may have finally stumped myself. This one is tough when you actually sit down and think about it. I’ll try tho:

    Hov is obviously Mike
    Ross is somewhat of a D-Wade cuz of his consistency & quick rise to stardom.
    Drake is arguably Lebron. Hated, Skilled, Versatile and scrutinized more than any other rapper ever.
    T.I. is tough. Underrated skill level & unorhtodox game but veteran presence. Possibly a Paul Pierce type of talent.
    Wiz is a newcomer out of a small market but appeals to a mainstream market with surprising frequency. Maybe Rudy Gay
    Big Sean has put together a solid portfolio in a few years. In my opinion kills damn near everything he’s on. I’d consider him a Ty Lawson type of talent.
    Meek is a tough one because of his polarizing popularity but (in my opinion) limited skill set. The homie @iknowBrasco likened Meek to Blake Griffin because he has bangers and adds excitement but still has a lot to improve upon. I like that comparison.
    Wale is way underrated to me and necessary for hip-hop. Not a supersatr quite yet but a dude everybody wants on their team. I’d consider him James Harden’esque.
    Jeezy. IDK. Admittedly I’m not a Jeezy fan but I respect his following and fan base. For those reasons and my viewpoint of his lackluster lyrics I would call him Metta World Peace or Caron Butler. A hard-nosed, tough guy that is skilled & respected by the league but somewhat under-appreciated by the media.
    Kiss. On Twitter I saw ppl calling him Kobe. I think of him more as Barkley. Career loser but always had great individual talent but never altered his game to adapt to the defense.
    Wayne is probably the closest thing to Kobe in the league. Initially I thought of Kanye for this title but Wayne’s occult is ridiculous, his talent over the last decade or so has been there and his following is either love or hate. No in between.
    Kanye is the curveball. Not exactly sure who I would say he is. I have to go way out in left field and call him Tony Parker. Reasoning, always had talent, Got better along the way but played on teams with a polarizing force (ROC) that allowed him to get better on great teams. Became a MVP down the line and is still relevant as we speak.
    My bad for the long ass paragraphs. I’ll stop there.
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  • 3Hunna

    JAY-Z – MJ- The best the game has ever seen. Excelling at the highest level of competition on and off the court. Biggest icons respectively in their field.

    Meek Mill – Blake Griffin- Young prospect with raw talent playing for a championship contending team. Catching oops from his PG Ross and slamming them for #1 records. Huge potential.

    Wale – Joe Johnson- A vet in the game that didnt reach his full potential until he left Interscope/Phoenix and landed in MMG/Atlanta and has seen an increase in monetary profit and fame.

    Ross – Steve Nash- Now follow me on this one…
    Rick was previously in the game with Suave house where he had little to no success. Nash was first in Dallas where he struggled in his early years. It wasn’t until Ross went to def jam/nash phoenix where he would become a star/mvp. Also Nash is the only miltiple MVP to not go to the finals. Ross is a GOLD selling artist that receives a lot of accolades and attention but has never been to the finals.

    Jadakiss – T-Mac- Came in the game dazzling with shiny suits highflying dunks but dont let that fool you the skills were prominent. Although highly respected he has never triumphed in selling records/post season. An older man in a new changing young rap world. Never get it messed up Jada/T Mac is still a threat.

    Big Sean- James Harden- A young gun who has paid his dues and waited patiently behind his teammates. Consistent young talent on the rise.

  • taj

    meek mill (derrick rose) – he came in the game with bangers non stop his rookie with something to prove he doing his thing he still got alot to prove and in a couple years he gon be the best (mvp) juss like d. rose
    wale (Rondo) – he juss attack you from allround the stat sheet lyrics flow songs etc he’s a pure point guard.
    Hov ( jordan) he got seniority because he done it all
    big sean ( lou will ) he do his thing when he need to he aint much consistant with his music
    2 chainz ( russel westbrook ) he toooooo hot right now but who know how long its gon last
    Rozay ( Kobe ) you wasn’t with him shooting in the gym
    Drake ( Bron ) he great but he got get his ring (album) to prove his greatness

  • @Djay_19

    Jezzy (Melo)
    Naz (K.G)