Lil Boosie Will Be Coming Home Within 60 Days

December 8, 2012 3

lil-boosie-will-be-coming-home-within-60-days-HHS1987-2012 Lil Boosie Will Be Coming Home Within 60 Days

Lil Boosie, who beat a 1st degree murder charge and has been in jail for pleading guilty to a drug charge, will be released from prison and sooner than we all thought! Boosie has been in prison since 2010 and was originally sentenced to eight years. According to sources close to the rapper, his legal team knew that he cut a deal after his drug charge under duress and he didn’t do what he was accused of. Boosie was reportedly attempting to smuggle drugs into Louisiana’s Dixon Correctional Center and Angola State Penitentiary and attempted to purchase “syrup” from a police informant. Find out when we can expect Boosie home below.

The HipHop Enquirer is saying that we could expect Boosie home within the next 60 days meaning he will be released at some point in early to mid-February! He was reportedly set up to catch the drug charge and although he did, he buckled under pressure when it came to copping a deal.

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