Mercedes-Benz Will Be Bringing 3 New Models To The USA In 2013

January 12, 2012 3

In about a year and a half Mercedes will start bringing compact cars to the states. First will come the micro CLS that’s rumored to be called the CLC. It should be a small four door with a coupe like roof-line, a 200-ish horsepower turbo four, and front wheel drive.

Around a year later a more practical hatch-back version will land on our shores. There’s no telling yet how many doors it will have, but we can be pretty damn sure it will be the same number on each side. (We’re looking at you Hyundai)

After that a compact crossover will follow and complete the family. It will no doubt just be the same thing as the hatchback but a few inches further off the ground and with AWD.

At least one of these will be getting a 320hp AWD AMG treatment too. The CLC will probably go first but we’re hoping the hatch gets to play too.


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  • @AshDCash

    I wonder what the MSRP will be on these new Benzes and which current models are going to be discontinued. With the introduction of new models, it becomes a buyers market, because older models will be marked down to move them off the lot and if someone is a good negotiator you can create a deal for yourself with a newer model, because sales men want their bonus checks.

    Profile of who may drive this car a woman age 23-42, possibly single or married with one child. Not really sure of price of this car, but once I find out I can give a better driver profile. A guy probably would not drive this model shown in picture, unless it was the only Benz they could afford.

    • Mr.HHS87

      I wouldn’t mind grabbing that Benz

  • @AshDCash

    It can be the HHS87 company car