Philly Support Philly, A Great Idea But Where Did We Go Wrong???

May 3, 2012 14


What does PSP (Philly Support Philly) really mean? It’s a culture and a network of people supporting other Philadelphian’s genuinely. Its simple as that but people have put their own spin on the entire PSP thing.

My take on PSP is that it’s a great idea if this culture was so use to supporting each other. Now we all know Philly, we don’t support anybody. It’s a tough city to make a name out of but if you do then your obviously doing something worth being noticed. I see many people use PSP as a way to come up.

For example up and coming artists tweet me and email me their music “Plz post this bro, its hot and I got the streets buzzing rite now #PSP” and when I don’t post it its “oh HHS1987 don’t support Philly”. Its fucked up when something doesn’t get posted your quick to say “he don’t support Philly”. That’s just fucked up. There maybe other reasons why I didn’t post your material, for example the unprofessional email you sent me (that was missing some of the things I ask for on my site’s contact page).

Another example is when people want their music played on the local radio stations like Power 99, and Hot 107.9. They send Cosmic Kev & DJ Damage music and or tweets and when they don’t posted they are quick to slander them for not supporting PSP.

PSP should not be used as a tool to beg for stuff. Up and coming artists use PSP the most. Imagine if Meek Mill who is signed said PSP, and Philly don’t support him and etc. It would look stupid on his part. Nobody with buzz is shouting out PSP, only those upcoming.

Bottom line people use PSP to try to come up. When it should be genuine, for example I go to a showcase, I hear an artist who music I like, I start posting their music, I buy their music, and do things without them asking me for a favor, because its genuine. That’s PSP!

Purchasing clothes from an upcoming clothing line that you like, that’s PSP. Being a rapper and admitting another rapper song or video was hot and dope, that’s PSP. PSP is not something you say like it’s a code to a secret society to getting stuff, its something you demonstrate with your actions. Don’t try to use PSP to come up, then turn around and slander the term PSP when it doesn’t benefit you.

We have to do better people!!!

This is a follow up to my previous blog post on The Top 5 Philly Artists Right Now!!!

Whats your take on this post, and the overall concept behind PSP??? Lets us know in the comments section below. Maybe you agree, maybe you disagree let us know.

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  • Truth in all of this. #PSP to me stands for “Ploy Strategically Planned” cuz it’s usually done with a motive. When a person or group truly support out of respect or to show love you can always feel the genuine undertone. Lot of folk lost sight of what support really means and only expect instant reciprocation because they’re pushing a product they need to be seen by the masses.


    Realest shit ever,rappers take heed.

  • James dean

    This post was on point

  • Good article. People don’t really understand the definition of support like CSI said in his comment. They really should be sayig FFF, favor for favor, because thats what they’re looking for most times.

  • BourneFresh

    #PSP is pure propaganda… Actions always speak louder than slogans. We as a community need to support each other in all facets of life if we expect things to get better. But since this is about the Philly hip hop culture I’ll stay on topic and end with this, if you are about PSP, if you “support” Philly, it’s no excuse that the limited Philly rappers that Are mainstream can’t at least go gold off of Philly sales.
    We’ll see about that….

  • AnonymousThomas

    You are spot on with this post bro! Everyone is looking for the easy way out the gates, but are truly not ready to take that enormous leap toward stardom. The very same ones that slander or think someone is hating on their work don’t understand the business side of music or they don’t get the concept of being an “independent” artist.

    Just because you have one hot rapper from the town making noise, cats think that door is open for them at a lesser challenge. Meek’s success is his own blood, sweat, and trials on his journey. Nothing’s easy in this music game. As quick as you’re hot the next minute you are cold. It’s a process. It starts with having a courteous and professional approach to distributing or showcasing your work.

    Also, Philly gets stuck on Philly too much…the music industry is not looking for the next Meek, they are looking for the next “YOU”…we are lacking as a city in terms of overall creativity.

    The ranking of TOP 5 Philly Rappers was a dope idea but mostly resulted in deep bias throughout. In order for Philly to gain respect in the music game we’re gonna have to come with some new fresh and creative music that doesn’t get’s put in a box and makes it hard for the next dope artist emerging to get a meeting with a major label. We need to take responsibility and just make good music that will be embraced arcoss the world.

    Dope Follow-up Post B. Wyche!!! Much Respect!

  • Wo Mac

    Great post by B.Wyche, a problem I observe in Philly is that some people want to do things just for the “look and not for genuine reasons. If an artists sends you something and you don’t post it, they shouldn’t take it personal they should just go harder and learn some professionalism. I believe in PSP if it comes from it real place. I think most people are actually putting it into practice without screaming it.

  • AMEN!!!

  • Couldn’t have said it better cuz…
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  • preach bro!

  • wingo flames

    Im up and coming Artist and i totally agrre There iSnt Any Professionalism here at all

  • Ahmad

    I can go all day on this topic. I gotta get my thoughts together for this on tho.

  • I-Know

    Let me start by saluting B on this post and saluting Nophrillz who I know as the originator of the concept of PSP….I am a firm believer in SUPPORT EHO SUPPORTS YOU and make sure it is genuine. If u are support just in hopes tht the person will support what u do u are really looking for FFF as WhiteMikeOz said. The true PSP has helped my career but more important the genuine support of stand up people n me returning I cuz I rock wit they movement has been the most powerful. Like CSI said. Learn the definition of support before u complain. And if u feel in supported in the Philly market VENTURE OUT the world goes past the Ben Franklin bridge