Racism’s Still Alive: Georgia Bar Sign Reads “Heard The White House Smells Like Collard Greens”

September 20, 2012 2


As we approach the 2012 Presidential election a local bar in Marietta,GA is proving racism is still alive and in full force.

Mulligan’s Food and Spirits is once again facing protest and possible lawsuits do to a sign stating” Heard the White House smells like Collard Greens and Fried Chicken”

This is the second time the Mulligan’s family business has faced racist backlash. During President Obama’s first campaign the then owner of Mulligan’s Mike Norman sold shirts of President Obama as the monkey Curious George. Norman died in 2011 and  left the business to his daughters Kelly and Brandi who are currently the owners.


This is a sad thing but nothing new in the state of Georgia. People assume since Atlanta is in Georgia it must be a black state. Once you leave the Atlanta metro area Georgia becomes a very RED (republican) and very racist state. One would think in today’s day and age we would be moving forward as humans and as a country but examples like this prove we still have huge strides to make.

What do you think of Mulligan’s posting the sign? Would you spend your money at Mulligan’s?

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  • tiyethompson

    Regretfully, it doesn’t surprise me of Mike Norman’s racist behavior, as a community organizer who has traveled the East Coast for over 20yrs promoting community awareness, voter rights and education, (not to mention–a one year internship at Spellman College located in the state of Georgia studying modern philosophies), I’ve seen degrading antics, from all sides up close and far too personal. What truly disappoints me with this story is Norman’s legacy. He’s buried and gone yet his “seeds” (who were clearly morally brainwashed), are carrying their fathers torch for inhumanity; it truly goes to show you how our children are the carriers of the future, they will see and do what we act not just show them first and what we as parents teach them, both right and wrong–will indelibly manifest through their lives forever. “Train up a child in the way they should go and when he is old he will not depart”. To answer your question more directly, once I’m educated I’m set free– as I haven’t drank a Snapple beverage since 1993 after their Klu Klux Klan affiliations, I would never patron nor invest into the future of Mulligan’s and would further petition my vast community of family, friends and colleagues to follow.

    I’ve been up what deplores

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