WIN 2 Tickets To See @ChiefKeef In Philly At The TLA on December 21st via HHS1987

December 5, 2012 22

WIN 2 Tickets To See @ChiefKeef In Philly At The TLA on December 21st via HHS1987

HipHopSince1987 is giving away 2 pairs of tickets to see Chief Keef in Philadelphia, December 21st, at the TLA. There will only be two winners, each winner will get a pair of tickets. Other artists performing are Frat, Blonde Gang, Lee Mazin, Tiani Victoria, Young Savage, Ground Up and Ar-Ab. You must be 18 to enter and 21 to drink. The contest ends at 8pm on 12/19/12!!!!

There are THREE ways to win:

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  2. Leave a comment below on this blog post telling us your favorite Chief Keef song and why you deserve to win a pair of tickets for you and your friend.
  3. Follow @HipHopSince1987 & @TheFNradio on Instagram/Twitter and post this on Instagram or Tweet the following to your followers:
Follow @HipHopSince1987 & @TheFNradio for a chance to win a pair of tickets to see Chief Keef in Philly 12/21/12

We will pick a winner at random by December 19th at 8pm. The more you tweet the better your chances. The winner will be notified by email. Good luck!

Never win anything? Tickets are still available here.

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  • keisha

    Love sosa is my favorite song . but i need these tickets tho i fucks with him &gbe , ima comment on here everyday til i win lol this would be a nice lil birthday gift from you lol . But seriously i wanna win so pick me lol

  • Was Frat?

  • Q

    Fav song right from cheif keef is they known he go hard #gbe #otf #3hunna…deserve to win cuz I support him a lot I will be buy finally rich the 18th

  • To keep it all honest . I’m a huge Lee Mazin Fan ! As you can see on any social network I play a part in !! So I really want these tickets to see her . I think Cheif Keef is DOPE but I’m more Familiar with Lee Mazin & that movement !!

  • Asia**

    my favorite song is kobe by chief keef. I SHOULD win these tickets because my boyfriend is his biggest fan. He listens to this him every 5 min && this would be the perfect christmas gift for him. He deserves it<3

  • keisha

    lol Nope i deserve to win im.the biggest fan on here , i support HHsince 1987, not just bc i wanna win but bc you got all the dope artist and !!.pick meeee “

  • Chief keef is that bul, Its hard to pick a fav song but I can definitely say everybody luvin Love Sosa, Don’t like was def a hit 2. I would love to win those tickets, It would mean alot to me! It would also be an birthday gift which Im celebrating this month! I support the whole Philly movement and it would make my day to see Lee Mazin and Young Savage perform also. #psp 3hunnit

  • Tanija mills

    My favorite Chief Keef song would have to be “Don’t Like.” Reason being, he obtained soo much credit in the game for that one song, along with recognition. The majority of the rappers out sampled/ made a remix off of “Don’t Like.” My friend of choice and I deserve to win these tickets because many of the young Philly artist will be in the building performing alongside Chief Keef, & it’s a beautiful thing to be able to witness such a thing ! Who doesn’t love Sosa??

  • keisha

    I need to win because Im gonna travel 45mins to see him.& meet everyone @ HHsince87 thats a true fan that deserves to win

  • I deserve to win tickets because im #3hunna. Honestly, you can give me ANY Chief Keef song and ill recite it word for word without a mistake. I dont really know my favorite song because i love them all, Kobe, I dont Know Dem, 3hunna, I dont Like(the original because its BETTER than the remix) Love Sosa, John Madden, Flexin, i might even go into the Lil Reese songs i love man Us, Traffic, and the list goes on.GBE is my favorite label in hip hop, i listen to their music on the way to anywhere i go, i listen to it before a test and then get an A….its crazy.

  • They Know is my favorite song by Chief Keef. I deserve these tickets because I’m not trynna get with him or get him to listen to my music or anything like that. I just want to meet him and let him know how much i appreciate everything that he’s doing for himself, his family, and his crew. He’s doing what everyone else says they would do when they made it but didn’t do. I think it would mean a lot coming from me because I’m not a crazed or obsessed fan i’m just a regular fan who loves what he does.

  • Fav song Chief Keef – They Know, i really fuck with him n the whole GBE squad they some real ass niggas & chief keef speak some real Shit, i would love to see him live

  • keisha

    I need to win these tickets , i wanna end this year off the right way , lol by seeing chief keef

  • traplifezay

    yo my shit is love sosa and i should win cause im a inspired rapper also and he spit that real shit that dedicated me

  • I dont want these tickets for me i dont even live in philly anymore. they would be a great christmas present for my sister and her boyfriend.

  • Really diggin the site good music good contests follow me
    @oneeyee215 twitter or Ig

  • my favorite chief keef song..there are two many too name..besides the obvious love sosa..there are plenty other great chief keef songs,..See me i bump chief keef heavy everyday and know all his lyrics..i Have Both of his mixtapes, and i bet some ppl didn’t even know he had 2.. So to answer your question on my favorite song, well ima change the question to whats your favorite chief keef SONGS. To answer that question i would have to say in no specific order.. EVERYDAY, MONSTER, BANG, I DON”T KNOW DEM, SAVE THAT SHIT, 3HUNNA, KOBE, UNDERSTAND ME & RUSSIAN ROULETTE…if you ask me to pick one of the the above i guess i’ll have to go with EVERYDAY cause the production by young chop is great and its the perfect song to turn up too….why do i deserve these tickets..IM CHIEF KEEF BIGGEST FAN IN THE SOUTH JERSEY/PHILLY AREA..Nobody listens to him more, i put all my peoples on chief keef..i tweet @TheFNRadio consistently trying to win tickets and i do it in creative ways by incorporating my own lyrics into songs…I’m determined to win these tickets more than anybody in the philly area…if you don’t believe check my twitter @FlyGuy_Ward and see for yourself…all in all I deserve these tickets so hook me up with them…that is all lol

  • aarin

    my favorite song is 3hunna with Soulja Boy . i NEED these tickets , i love GBE . my friends and i love Chief Keef and Lee Mazin and Young Savage . i need to be there on friday !

  • Chief Keef poppin right now my new fav song is foreign cars, that song go hard, I love his flow/style. His songs are catchy. He young and gettin it. I deserve those tickets because I fucks with all his songs, I support our Philly Rappers 2 so it would be a great thing to see them perform. Plus this my bday month so it would be a early gift 🙂 #PSP #3HUNNA

  • Michael C.

    Favorite song is “Save that Shit” – Back from the Dead.

    I deserve to win simply because !I love Sosa!

  • Shay

    My favorite song from Chief Keef is “Ion f**k around like dat”… I deserve the tickets to his concert because I’ve had a long & strenuous semester of school. Now that winter break has just begun it’s time to get in the mix and turn shyt up! Plus my bday is the 26th, this will be an early bday gift and the best one ever!!!! (-:

  • ishmil

    Chief Keef Is My Inspiration. I Look Up To Him. All His Songs I Know Alll His Songs Are My Favorite But The 1 That Speaks To Me The Most Is Finally Rich . He Makes Me Believe You Can Chase You Dream & Become What Chu Want . I KnowAll His Background History. Updates What He Gets Into Everything. INTERVIEWS 1017 Glo Gang. Hes The Only Artist I Listen Everyone Who Knows Me Know I Am A Chief Keef Head. Never Got To Meet Him In Person But My Dream Is Too