WIN an Autographed G.O.O.D. Music – Cruel Summer CD via HHS1987

September 21, 2012 28

WIN an Autographed G.O.O.D. Music - Cruel Summer CD via HHS1987

HipHopSince1987 is giving away 3 autographed Cruel Summer cd’s. The cd’s were autographed by the following G.O.O.D. Music artists: Big Sean, Teyana Taylor, Pusha T, Common, Cyhi The Prince, and Malik Yusef. (Not 2 Chainz because he left for his flight, the second I seen that I got the cd’s signed. So sorry in advance for you 2 Chainz/G.O.O.D. Music fans entering the contest.)

Checkout photos from the G.O.O.D. Music in-store here.

WIN an Autographed G.O.O.D. Music - Cruel Summer CD via HHS1987

There are THREE ways to win:

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  2. Leave a comment below on this blog post telling us your favorite Cruel Summer song and why you deserve to win an autographed cd.
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We will pick a winner at random by Friday September 21st. Good luck!

Never win anything? CD’s are still available here.

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  • Justin

    Sat outside of target until they opened since iTunes didn’t have Cruel Summer posted. The lady that opened asked me why was I sitting there I said you have something I need in there. #GoodMusicOrDie

  • I Am The Biggest G.O.O.D Music I’ve always noticed the other artist other than Kanye West since his Album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” .. I listen to all their music together & individually they remind me of a new movement. From Their Style , Their Choice Of Instruments In The Music or even the punchlines in their verses.  My favorite song on “Cruel Summer ” is “The One” it has a cool vibe to it sounds like an anthem but overall the whole Album is #Dope

  • Vince Black

    I should win because, I’m the hardest Pusha T fan out here, I saw Clipse perform back in 01 and been rockin to Pusha T since, every mix tape, every feature, if it’s on wax I have it..

  • Matty Millz

    G.O.O.D. Music is literally a group of artists who have the ability to change the game. These artist are all individually inspirational. From Kanye West to 2Chainz they all have their own individuality that makes them.the best music group of our generation.

    Other than Mercy and To The World, I like The Morning because the beat is dope and it has most of the g.o.o.d. music artist plus the legend raeqwon and kid crudi!

    G.O.O.D. MUSIC!!!

  • Seff

    Kanye is my fav rapper and i have everything he was featured on. Plus i’ve been fuckin’ with all the GOOD Music artist before Kanye signed them except Teyanna Taylor and Cyhi. I didnt listen to those two until they got signed. Im constantly arguing w/ppl who think YMCMB or MMG is better than GOOD Music b/c i think GOOD Music is the illest! And i haven’t heard the album in its entirety yet so i cant pick a fav song…i should win!!!

  • Melissa

    Hip hop is like air to me. I just don’t live in a town where hip hop artists frequent like bigger cities. When they do come to my town all the girls act thirsty so when I try to speak to an artist I get categorized as a groupie so I never get signatures or pictures or anything. I love the direction in which GOOD music is going. I’m a huge Cudi, Kanye, Teyana, Common, & Pusha fan so the fact that GOOD music brought them together & then added other skilled MCs like Yusef just makes me like GOOD music even more. My favorite songs off Cruel Summer are probably “The One” & “Creepers”.

  • Ashley

    I’ve been waiting for Cruel Summer to drop since May! My favorite song is Clique. I love the message and it shows they’re reppin G.O.O.D music til the end. So happy the day is here and it shows that true hip-hop is still alive in this day in age. Kanye West has been alive in my ipod since College Dropout and seeing him transform from Roccafella Records to G.O.O.D music is amazing. Putting together some of my favorite artist that combines with poweful and relatable lyrics mixed with hot beats is music to my ears. Pusha T is amazing I been rocking with him for a couple years now “Re-up GANG” all day!!!! Also Big Sean is one of my favorite Rappers, I remember listening to him ’09 when he came out with Finally Famous and was always with Mike Posner. I really would appreciate this Poster, I’m going to hang it up right above my bed in my dorm. Please! Pleaseeee! pleassssssse! pick meeee!!!!!
    – Stuggling future Registered Nurse with an amazing love of hiphop!!!

  • WilliamH

    The hardest song on Cruel Summer is Clique, it’s everything hip hop is suppose to be. A nice beat and hook. Great rappers. Crazy verses and a lot of bragging from the best crew out right now. Im huge fan of GOOD MUSIC and HHS1987 so throw your boy a signed copy of Cruel Summer.

  • Modolamu

    I love GOOD music so much having their autographed poster in my room would be the best thing ever. My fav song is mercy ’cause the beat, lyric & everything about that song is perfect. Big Sean is my fav in. OMG I love Big Sean I’m a big believer. #BBOE. I would really appreciate it if I get chosen. Thanks for this oppurtunity it’s once in a life time
    Twitter: @iHeart_onika

  • Hector V

    and all my fellas say G.O.O.D MUSIC
    and all my ladies say G.O.O.D MUSIC!!”

    HOPEFULLY I win the signed Cruel Summer Album!! I never win anything, this would be GOOD if I win!! I also have that GOOD FRIDAY music collection that they release each Friday before Yeezy’s Album of the Year, My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy. BIG FAN OF THE G.O.O.D MUSIC FAM!!! really wish I win this!!! really. Thanks HHS1987. really. ☻

  • Frank

    Favorite has to be new god flow and I deserve this autograph album because I’m a die heart g.o.o.d. Music fan. Im a fan of just about everybody in g.o.o.d music been a fan of kanye since 2004.Been a fan of push since the clispe days.Been a fan of big Sean since finally famous 1 mixtape. Been a fan of cyhi tha prince since royal flush. I really hope I win this autographed album

  • Julian

    I deserve to win because I’m a huge BIG Sean and Pusha fan. I believe BIG is the Jay-z of the new generation of hip hop/rap. He’s very abstract and his sound is very unique compared to the rest of the rappers now. His flow, delivery, and punch lines are way above par. Pusha has been in my top 5 since he dropped Feat Of God. He’s very very under rated people need to listen to him more he’s a very talented artist if he’s not at least on anyone’s top 10 they are crazy. My favorite song off the album is “Higher” for the simple fact that pusha went BANANAS!! And Ma$e did his thing as well I love the line”you know I’m not Muslim, I’m all about my bacon”. I deserve to win because if I didn’t have to work overnights I would’ve drive the 6 hours to the city just to buy the album there so I could get a chance to get the autographs myself. And I also did all 4 tasks for my chance to win this autographed album. That’s dedication! Please pick me it would be an awesome way to end the summer of great albums! Thanks for the apportinity!

  • Yarimar

    I LOVE G.O.O.D. Music. I went to the Made In America tour just to see Kanye, Big Sean, Pusha T, and when 2Chainz came out it was AMAZING. My favorite song on the CD was The Morning and Clique.. I know most of the lyrics to the album. I’ve always wanted to meet them in person and get an autograph but I’ve never been lucky. It would be amazing if I Win ! I Love HipHopSince1987 and I’m a big supporter.

    I’ve love Kanye since he was a producer.. He made amazing beats. I’ve loved 2Chainz since he was Tity Boi, No Malice back in the clipse days, and Big Sean since Finally Famous 1 !

    I HOPE I WIN !! I’ll case the picture and hang it on my wall with the CD !!!

    G.O.O.D. MUSIC


  • Luke

    Honestly I want the signed copy of cruel summer because I don’t have the money to buy my own copy right now and it would be AMAZING to have it signed. My favorite track is bliss, I just like the vibe to it. But the whole album is dope.

  • Alice

    ONE of my favourite Cruel Summer songs is Clique, it’s hard to choose 1 favourite because they’re all so dope! I should win because I rep G.O.O.D. Music all day, everyday!! I love all the artists because they’re really good and they’re all original, but Big Sean is my #1 Favourite rapper and he follows me on Twitter :’) if I won this my year would have been MADE I’d literally be screaming and jumping around all day LoL. It would really mean so much to me to have a SIGNED copy from the best rap group out there. 😀

    G.O.O.D. Music

  • My Favoritee Would Have To Be HIGHER , Mercy & The Morning ! OMG Who Am I Kidding ALL Of The Tracks Were Flawless Especially The Ones BIG SEAN Is Featured In ! Im A Ride Or Die BIG Believer & I Rep G.O.O.D Music All The Time . I Dont Need To Say Much Becausee All I Know Is I NEED This In My Lifeee !!!! In G.O.O.D I Trust <3

  • Ty

    My favorite song I would say is The Morning. Everybody on the track flowing, the beat is dope, and I especially picked it because it had Common on the track. I feel I deserve to win because I support these artist, especially Pusha T, Big Sean, and Common.

  • Rodrigo Alvarez

    My favorite cruel summer song is clique!! Mostly because big Sean’s verse is sick on that track and I feel like I deserve this because I’ve been a fan of big Sean before he got signed and been a fan of kanye since he releases through the wire when I was 12 and have been living kanye since

  • Kanye fucked my bitch and I’m not even mad at him. He fucked my bitch while clique (my favorite track) played in the background and all of G.O.O.D. music watched and bobbed their head to the thrusts. That’s why I deserve this signed copy. It’s the least the crew can do after turning out my boo. hoo.

  • Tiff_Bubble

    Anything with 2 Chains on it is Godly. #2ChainsImDifferent


  • Tiff_Bubble

    Its cool if he didn’t sign it BTW 🙂

  • Theo Tsiolas

    I’ve been following kanye since college dropout and big sean since finally famous: the mixtape it would mean so much to win!

  • Theo Tsiolas

    My favorite track is new god flow because ghostface kills like when he was in Wu-Tang

  • Greg @gdc215

    best song by a hair is new god flow with ghostface added. each verse makes you take a step back. I have been a huge supporter of GOOD from the jump. I purposely didnt download any leaks, bought the cd at bestbuy and itunes after ye remastered it. even with 5 songs released before the album dropped, if fans would appreciate shit more and be patient, theyd see the album as I do, which is genius. anyways Im a loyal follower of hhs1987 bro and Im also a philly guy. I love how focused and personal the posts are, especially with anything meek or philly related. Ive always wanted to meet or have something autographed by PUSH, I got chills when he came out at MIA #nohomo that’d be a huge bucket list moment for me B, philly all day


  • antonio ahbo91

    Personally favorite song of the album im gonna go with “The One’. Perfect slower flow for sean, 2 chainz, andd yeezy. Most of the cd is fire tho.

    Huge hip hop head. I try to go to at least a show a month. G.O.O.D. music is the team to a few of my favorite artists. Them being Yeezy, 2 Chainz, and Big Sean. Individually they each have their own sick flow nothing like one another. But then they can come together and make fire. I deserve to win because hip hop is literally my life.

  • Allan Gomez

    Big G.O.O.D. Music fan. More importantly a Hip-Hop fan. This is true Hip-Hop. New God Flow is my personal favorite on this album, especially now with the new Ghostface verse. I bought two copies of this album. Would like to add an autographed version to my collection.

  • Etienne

    I should win because im the biggest kanye west fan. I love all about him and i think he’s the best rapper alive ! My favorite song is the morning !
    #needthiscd #goodmusic

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