Veteran Freshman 4 at the TLA (Photos by @creativi_d)

August 12, 2012 0

veteran-freshman-hip-hop-session-friday-august-10th-at-tla0-HHS1987-2012-1024x6821 Veteran Freshman 4 at the TLA (Photos by @creativi_d)

This past Friday was Veteran Freshman 4 at the TLA here in Philly. The artists who perform were Muzic Class, 2nd Child [Blonde Gang], Matt Ford [S.I.R.], Frenchie, Newz Huddle, D-Roc, Swiper, Novacane and more.

Veteran Freshman made its return to the TLA on August 10th. The hip hop showcase presented by Yusuf Muhammad of Rated Rook and Livenation was the place to be.

The fourth installment of Veteran Freshman featured it’s staple lineup of local talent including Swiper, Matt Ford, Novacane, Newz Huddle, Frenchie, Music Class, and 2nd Child of Blondegang to name a few.
This event has really become a staple in giving upcoming artist a platform to share their work and Yusuf works to expand Veteran Freshman to give those artists a greater stage to showcase their talent. Veteran Freshman has very much become a family affair where musicians and music lovers alike come together to discover and support what Philly has to offer.

Stayed tuned for more events from Yusuf Muhammad as he already has Veteran Freshman 5 in the works. You definitely do not want to miss!.

Photos via Darren Burton (@creativi_d on Twitter)

Photos via Darren Burton (@creativi_d on Twitter)

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