August 14, 2012 0

Greg Reid

Former Florida State impact player Greg Reid who was dismissed from the Seminoles for violating team rules is currently in the process of enrolling at Valdosta State.

Last season as a FSU Seminloe Reid was a defensive and special teams stand out player playing in 11 games with 2 interceptions, 32 tackles and 563 return yards. Reid put up career return yards close to only Deion Sanders and Peter Warrick with 89 career returns and 1,117 return yards.

Reid’s off the field actions including both traffic violations and arrest for marijuana have out shined the accomplished he has achieved playing on Saturday afternoons.

A season at Georgia Valdosta State may change Reid’s possible late first round – early second round draft status to a fourth or fifth rounder unless a NFL already has seen enough of Reid. Either way Reid need to get it together off the field because he on th field talent can surely help an NFL team moving toward greatness.

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