Draya & Malaysia Talk Basketball Wives LA on The Breakfast Club (Video)

September 10, 2012 0

draya-malaysia-talk-basketball-wives-la-on-the-breakfast-club-video-HHS1987-2012 Draya & Malaysia Talk Basketball Wives LA on The Breakfast Club (Video)

Earlier today Draya and Malaysia talked Basketball Wives LA on The Breakfast Club.

Peep a few highlights and video of the interview below (via NecoleBitchie):

On whether Draya has been involved in threesomes with Chris Brown and his girlfriend Karrueche
To clear everything up, Chris and Karrueche are in a relationship. That is their relationship. I don’t play any parts in their relationship. There are no threesomes. Her and I are friends more than him and I are friends. Like we are cool but that’s my girl.

On whether Karrueche should be worried about Draya since she is one of Chris’ exes
Well if you know Karrueche, and you know how they run their relationship, you can tell she is notan insecure person. Like she don’t let none of that stuff people say break her. She’s good. She got her man.

On how Draya and Karrueche became friends
Me and [Chris Brown], we always remained friends. He was like ‘you know, I want you to meet my girlfriend. She’s so cool. Like, she’s dope. Meet her.’ I was like, ‘Ok.’ I wasn’t like, ‘Eww I don’t want to meet your girlfriend.’ I was like, ‘Cool.’…I don’t think I was an ex she needed to be concerned about.”

Draya on how she behaved in previous relationships
It’s so much easier now because now I got my own attention but before I had a hard time with it. When I was not doing anything with myself and when I had more time on my hands to like stalk my boyfriend. Whoever my boyfriend is at the time, I’m going to stalk his life but now I’m busy so I don’t got time to stalk a man. Now, I can have a good relationship.

I’ve busted out windows. I’ve climbed up fire escapes. I’ve beat the daylights out of girls. I’ve done it all. I got a little disorderly conducts under my belt

Malaysia: With me I’m so cool and laid back I’m like whatever.[..] I met [my husband] when I was very young and I’m very secure in my relationship and I’m not going to stalk him. I’m not going to check his twitter. I’m not going to check his email. I follow him on twitter but I’m not going to check his mentions and be like, ‘What that b-tch talking about?’ because everything is like smoke and mirrors so a girl can say like ‘Oh yeah nice seeing you’ and you can take that a thousand different ways and with me I feel like it’s just easier for me. I got three kids. I got sh-t going on! I don’t have time to follow Jannero Pargo around town.

Malaysia on whether she has had girls come up to her and say they’ve slept with her man
Yeah I do. There has been women that have been like ‘Oh yeah girl! I’ve met your man. I’ve been with him’, and I’m like ‘congratulations did you have fun?’ The thing is, I know my husband and I know me. I know our relationship and we are solid. He is the king to my castle and I’m the queen of his castle and I’m not going no where.

Malaysia On why Her husband doesn’t participate in the show
My husband is [supportive with whatever] I decide to do. He is going to support me a 110 percent. I think he is a different individual and his life path is going somewhere else, so we don’t want to mix the paths.

Draya on whether she is a hoe
I think that a hoe is someone that sleeps with everyone and anybody and I don’t think that I’m considered a hoe no more. I don’t really got nobody [they can say I slept with] in the last two or three years. Your hoeness can get deleted after a certain amount of time. I am in total drought.

Draya on how she became a part Basketball Wives and her decision to do another season

I don’t know why [they decided to put me on the show] really but I think that they just needed some young and fresh who was the total opposite of everybody else […] I just feel like they needed a different perspective and point of view.

I was definitely on the fence about coming back. Just because I felt like the first time around, everybody else got to tell their own stories about me. Everyone had their turn to say what they thought about Draya. And I feel like the world sort of believed some of the stuff. The only reason I came back is because now it’s my turn to tell my own story and let the world see what I want them to see, not what them other girls thought about me.

Watch below:

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