Jazmine Asa McClam (@yoMcClam) From Philly Worldstar Candy Tryout (Video)

February 6, 2012 6

Make sure you follow her on twitter @yoMcClam

Checkout her last youtube video dancing to ASAP Rocky below

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  • Trayego

    fuck that monkey bitch she got on by Mr.Ivy


    Mr.Ivy don’t know Jazmine Asa McClam.. Don’t even put this person out like that.. she just famous online like any other female who show the world there body.. I believe Mr.Ivy would never deal with a person who fronting an just want fame.. Mr.Ivy deals with female who are important..

  • jane

    who is she.. she know model cause she take shots.. i google her an it look good but u look again an say she in nothing on fucking a puppet, WACK ASS SHIT…

  • LaurenGibsen

    stop hating on Jazmine Asa McClam her an ivy cool cause they facebook friend

  • subzeus

    If she fucking ivy so what ya mad cause ya cant fuck him lol…

  • TaylorGang

    who is she.. ivy is aaliyah promoter from philly he is cousin with denzel washington.. his whole family is in the business..