Clout – Nouveau Riche (Mixtape)

September 16, 2013 0

photo2 Clout - Nouveau Riche (Mixtape)

Star Enterprise’s Clout releases his new Project titled “Nouveau Riche.” A lot goes into album titles so lets break this down. Wikipedia dictionary defines Nouveau Riche (French) as a person who has acquired wealth within their own generations; The Equivalent English Term is New Money or New Rich. In Clout’s words; “The basis of the project is about me just trying to fulfill the overall vision I have for myself in the near future it’s about maximizing your potential,I’ll be the new money for my grandkids to be the old money some day”.

photo_1 Clout - Nouveau Riche (Mixtape)

Make sure you watch Clout’s new video “Parvenu” below:

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