Who got Next: Bizzy Crook (**HHS1987 Exclusive**)

September 27, 2013 1

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This week Who Got Next features a talented MC out of the south by the name Bizzy Crook. The Miami native hoped on my radar about a year ago and since, worked with the likes of Los, Jim Jones and Nelly. With a couple tours lined up for the end of the year along with a project dropping in October, Bizzy Crook seems to be mixing the correct formula for success. Check out his Who Got Next interview below along with a couple joints he dropped off for yall. #NoGimmicks

Bizzy Crook – Lord Ft. King Los (’84)

Bizzy Crook – That Money Ft. Nelly (’84)


What’s going on Brotha? Appreciate you taking the time out your busy schedule to chop it up with everyone over at HHS1987. Let’s jump right in man, why don’t you give the people a quick introduction… 

All good homey, I remember you supporting me a while back so its always love. Appreciate you! Im Bizzy Crook, that kid from Miami next to win a Grammy. I represent a movement called “Good Luck”. We represent everybody worldwide who was doubted, and wished good luck when going after anything they love.


I want to say I fell across your Twitter about a month or so before you dropped PS Im Sorry 2…. Now that I think about it, it was the trailer video for Work Out For Me Now that caught my attention. That project had a slew of bangers and a couple features from Jim Jones. How did that project catapult Bizzy Crook into that next tear of upcoming artist? I know for a fact Hot 97 was pubing that “Work” joint you had with Jim Jones for a minute.

My music is an outlet, you know. So at that time I was 20 years old, rapping about stuff I was going through at the time. As you grow older your music grows with you, you mature mentally, and your presented new challenges, so you’ll defiantly see a huge change in my new tape ’84.

When people find out an artist is from the south, they automatically expect that stereotypical sound. Not the case with any of your music in my opinion. Who where some of you musical influences growing up or even now. How is your music perceived in the southern region?

I fell in love with music as a whole, before falling in rap. So before rap I was listening to Nsync, Backstreet boys, Britney Spears and all that. My Dad use to make me listen to classical stuff. He use to make me go to Opera’s with him and shit. So by the time I started listening to rap my ear was already listening to everything. I listened to a lot of Trick Daddy, but I listened to so much rap from everywhere else, that the down south influence became hard to hear in my music. I was huge on Eminem, he’s the reason I rap. I listened to a lot of Ja Rule, Dipset, The Lox, DMX, and stuff like that early on. I was that kid putting everybody in school onto the new Kay Slay, and Clue tapes. The Miami music scene is weird. Rappers hating on each other, there’s no unity, DJ’s not breaking any new music, kind of what goes on everywhere. Im just working, traveling, and representing for my city anywhere I am, because thats where Im from.


You dropped the video for LORD a few weeks ago. Would you say this record is the tone setter for the new project 84′? What can listeners expect out of this project vs PS I’m Sorry 2.

I dropped an in studio for LORD featuring Los a few weeks ago, but we just dropped the official video, so if you haven’t checked that out make sure you check it out! But yeah This ’84 tape is  definitely on a whole different scale. I’ve learned so much since P.S Im Sorry 2, music business wise and just life wise. I’ve been around great people, and just soaked up a lot of gems. The people I worked with are just amazing. I got Nelly on there, Estelle, Melody Thornton, the beautiful Sofi Green, Obviously the homey Los, and a few more. I’d like to call ’84 my official entry into the game. P.S Im Sorry 2 was the warm up, this is the real deal.


So you have a couple your dates with King Los in Tampa and Miami later this month along with his feature on the LORD joint. Would it be fair to ask if there are any more collabs in the pressure cooker fans should be looking for too?

Man Los is legit the homey. Every time we get together man, we just so much a like just clowning and shit, its always good vibes. He’s really competitive to, and thats me all day so its always fun. But yeah thats like legit a good friend of mine so we would be definitely be working together more in the future.

If Bizzy Crook wasn’t touring the country preforming in front of screaming fans he would be…

I’d be working in the studio. ’84 was suppose to drop in May, but i’ve just been working on so much new music, and musically growing so fast, that we kept pushing it back. We kept switching songs out, because my sound was getting bigger. My manager was literally like “Yo stop making new music, we’re never gonna put this out” haha. If you meant what would I be doing If I wasn’t doing music, i’d probably be a painter. I use to be good at drawing, and Im in love with art in itself, so i’d probably be trying to be the next Basquiat, Henry Ossawa Tanner, or someone like that.


I always ask the artist I interview to drop the readers a little everyday knowledge that has helped them get to where they are today. Doesn’t have to be music related…. 

The key is the most cliche thing. You hear it everyday, but you probably still don’t think its key…BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Once you do, the stars will align it, and nothing can stop it. Take it from me.


I know you had to put the world on hold to knock out this interview and it is much appreciated. Before we wrap up everything let the people know what’s next for Bizzy Crook and where they can find you on the net.

’84 October 21st! Follow me on twitter @BizzyCrook, Instagram is the same. Youtube.com/BizzyCrook. Again I appreciate your continuous support! 1 love & Good Luck.


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