HHS1987 Freestyle Friday (10-18-13) **Vote For This Week’s Champ Now** (Polls Close Sunday At 11:59pm EST)

October 20, 2013 39


Each and every Friday, HipHopSince1987.com will post an instrumental on the website for ANYONE TO DOWNLOAD. All artists are encouraged to download this week’s instrumental and return it to [email protected] by 6pm Thursday with at least 60 seconds of a their rap, singing and etc. Please include a photo of yourself, Twitter, Instagram, along with the track you submit. No Freestyle should be longer than two minutes. (Any song longer than 2 minutes may not be posted that week).

The TOP 5-7 submissions (Meaning Not All) will get posted on HHS1987 Freestyle Friday along with a poll. The poll will close at midnight on Sunday. The winner will be announced Saturday and will be given a blog post on HHS1987.com, as well as a post on HipHopSince1987 Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. The winner must participate in the following week. If there is a winner for 5 weeks straight then he or she will win free advertisement placement on the website. Thats either a choice of 5 days on the top video box, or all 4 ads and background on the website for 5 days.

DOWNLOAD Next Week’s (10-25-13) beat “808” produced by HHS1987’s E Money (@emoneybeatz)

Make sure you follow @HipHopSince1987 & @Eldorado2452 on Twitter/ Instagram and Send Submisions to [email protected] Please submit ALL materials for HHS1987 Freestyle Friday by 6:00pm on the Thursday night before the contest (the earlier in the week the better). Any Submissions received after 6:00pm Thursday est will not be accepted. Good Luck to everyone who participates.

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  • J B

    I’ve been listening the last few weeks and at the pace Rock going I thought he would fall this week. FUCK NO. YOU KILLED THIS

  • Jenny Jay

    Rock has got to chill. Wtf bar after bar. The last guy wasn’t bad.

  • Bizzy B

    I voted for Rock. Hands down this nigga mirked Out

  • Kev 7132

    7132 rock bottom now who gone stop him haaaan

  • Official Buttah

    #Sheesh it’s not one bar that let me down from Rock Bottom… Hands Down this week, #No competition for him. @rockbottom7132 early congrats champ #ButtahFromDaBlockWasHere @OfficialButtah

  • Jack Daniels

    Wow Rock is a beast!!!!!!

  • Jack Daniels

    Dam soon as Rock Bottom come on he destroying it. I listen like 10 times



  • leo


  • Trey RTK

    No doubt about it Rock Bottom bar for bar the best. Last guy was okay not hot enough

  • edmondsta killing it!

  • shon

    emondsta do what he does on everysong

  • The Real Ceez

    Emondsta ain’t killing them votes. Rock Bottom this one of the best freestyles in a while.

  • Andi

    Emondsta and rockbottom did there thing

  • Cagray8

    Rockbottom hands down!!!!

  • BARS

    Rock Bottom ran this again this week. flow lyrics n no autotune.

  • Citizen Da beat GOD

    My dude Rock Bottom bar 4 bar on point #LEGGOOO

  • Karly Shipkey

    Emondsta is my baby ..

  • J Bakes

    They must be fans because Rock Bottom kills this so crazy it’s crazy lol

  • PrettyRedCas

    No Contest! Rock Bottom ALL THE WAY!!!

  • Atoli

    Dam Rock Bottom. I couldn’t even keep up with u. Good shit

  • Top Stylist21

    You already no it’s Rock Bottom !!!!! Hands down !!

  • StarrLynn

    Rock Fuckin Bottom, Lol Forreal Tho, Yes Im A Fan, As well as ya lil sister! Hands Down You The Best, I love you Bro, keep up the good work!

  • Sounds Madethebeat

    Rock Bottom destroyed this competition how is this other dude runnin away with the votes right now?? somethins up… Keep killin em Bottom!


    Emondsta got it locked hands down

  • Jon

    Can someone please explain to me how this guy will end up winning just because he has a huge following? Rock Bottom ran away with it if its about the music, then Rock Bottom clearly wins. But no it’s a fucking popularity contest and it doesn’t matter about the music apparently. It’s popularity Friday instead of freestyle Friday. The ppl should be given a percentage of the votes, not all of them because this is just rediculous. I hope the good folks at HHS will look into this and have the final say on the winner instead of “fans”

    • jake

      gsl in this bitch

  • @bonsboop

    AHHH my nigga Emond had this the whole time. #nocomp


    Ol mad ass “Jon” lol Emondsta won because he flame dropped!! The south in this bitch. GSL in this bitch. Eat a dick and enjoy the rest of your night


    Ol mad ass “Jon” lol Emondsta won because he flame dropped!! The south in this bitch. GSL in this bitch. Eat a dick and enjoy the rest of your night pal

    • Rock Bottom

      U serious? Flame dropped? I forgot down south rappers are mostly lyrically ass. At the end of the day you a fan and fans going be fans so keep being a fan you fan boy hahaha

  • jake

    shut up dude emondsta that nigga real street nigga tell rock bottom dont talk bout nun he aint bout

    • Rock Bottom

      Another fan being a fan

  • Rock Bottom

    Sound like some dick eating fan boys haha

  • Swizz Mack

    After looking at the numbers for Emondsta its obvious to me that you don’t even have to listen before you vote!!! Y’all Need Stop it!!! Somebody please post one Bar from Emondsta That justifies those VOTES!!!

    • tim

      33 shots in my glock home boy/ im scottie pippen of the block homeboy

  • Swizz Mack

    He must’ve played that shit at the family reunion!!

  • tim

    i dont even know dude but emondsta got bars son, rock did his thing to no doubt but ima have to give it to emondsta

  • Swizz Mack

    Hey Tim I appreciate that feedback homeboy., I guess I’m just old school I can only appreciate the shooter not the one that got shot even if he is Standing on his corner with a glock & 33 shots!! Smh