Fab 5 Reunion: Should Chris Webber Attend Tonight’s NCAA National Title Game (VOTE NOW) #FinalFour (Video)

April 8, 2013 0

fab-five-michigan-picado Fab 5 Reunion: Should Chris Webber Attend Tonight's NCAA National Title Game (VOTE NOW) #FinalFour (Video)

As the Michigan Wolverines prep for their first big dance since the infamous 1993 national championship game much is beginning to surface as the Fab Five hopes to all cheer on the 2013 Michigan team live near the Wolverines bench it appears they will be one man short. Chris Webber.

2013 actually marks the 20-year anniversary of the “Fab Five “a Michigan class that put Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Ray Jackson, Jimmy King and Juwan Howard on the floor each night and although Chris’ teammates want him there, Chris has tried to separate himself from any memories of the Fab Five, Michigan University and the timeout that changed his life.

Chris Webber has been blamed by many for Michigan’s loss to the North Carolina Tar Heels in the 1993 national championship game for calling a timeout with seconds remaining on the clock that his team did not have resulting in a technical foul.

Former Fab Five member and current ESPN analyst Jalen Rose has been very vocal on how he hopes Chris joins them at tonight big game. Only time will tell if Webber joins his college teammates tonight at the Georgia Dome.

What Do You Think? Should Chris Join The Fab Five at Tonight’s Title Game? (Vote Below):

WATCH Chris Webber’s Timeout below:

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