HHS1987 Freestyle Friday (4/19/13) **Vote For This Week’s Champion Now**

April 19, 2013 27



Each and every Friday, HipHopSince1987.com will post an instrumental on the website for ANYONE TO DOWNLOAD. All artists whether its rap, r&b, pop and etc are encouraged to download this week’s instrumental and return it to [email protected]HipHopSince1987.com  or [email protected] by 10pm Thursday with at least 60 seconds of a their rap, them singing, or whatever it is that they do on that track. Please include a image and your social media information along with the track you submit . No Freestyle should be longer than two minutes. (Any song longer than 2 minutes may not be posted that week).

The Champ: NALA GOLD (@NalaGold)

Artist #2: Rock Bottom (@rock7132)

Artist #3: Cinderella B  (@Cinderella_bee)

Artist #4: Amatic (@itsamatic)

Artist #5: Fetti Zay (@iamfettizay305)



Download Next Week’s Beat  (4-26-13) “SuperNatural” Produced by UniqueWeirdo (@UniqueWeirdo). UniqueWeirdo Most recently produced Chris Brown’s “Jumping Out The Window”.


The TOP 5-7 submissions (Meaning Not All) will get posted on HHS1987 Freestyle Friday along with a poll. The poll will close at midnight on Friday. The winner will be announced Saturday and will be given a blog post on HHS1987.com, as well as a post on HipHopSince1987 Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. The winner must participate in the following week.

If there is a winner for 5 weeks straight then he or she will win free advertisement placement on the website.

Make sure you follow @HipHopSince1987 & @Eldorado2452 on Twitter/ Instagram and Send Submisions to [email protected] and please submit ALL materials for HHS1987 Freestyle Friday by 10:00pm on the Thursday night before the contest (the earlier in the week the better). Good Luck to everyone who participates. 


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  • Bey

    Fetti Zay and Amatic killed it but I sent my vote to Amatic

  • poison

    yooo how the fuck is Cinderella B at the top #teamAmatic

  • Mu

    Rocbottom murder shit!! #7132!!

  • Quaron

    Shout out to everybody on here but Rock Bottom kill shit

  • Mack

    Amatic Nice. That shit Rock put up a banger!!!

  • Hez

    That Rock Bottom joint done did it !!!!FIRE FIRE FIRE!!!! Next up outta PHILLY!!!!!

  • Sean

    I voted for Rock. Nice lyrics. Loved the prayer. Good job to Amatic

  • Bizzy

    Tough decision between Amatic and Rock. Amatic flow dumb. Rock bars crazy but Rock track more of a banger. Salute

  • Jon

    Rock Bottom with this one.

  • ajenningsjr

    Easy choice why even have other people on here there’s no comp. Rockbottom got it ok

  • Joanie

    I’m a female and I wanted to vote for one of my bitches but this nigga Rock hot. Go boy 😉

  • KG

    I know females got followers so of course they goin win. But I’m a keep it 100 Rock got the hottest jawn r/s

  • Rock7132

    My bro got this hands down Philly stand up

  • Mike B

    RockBottom!!! Hands down

  • Amatic killed this shit Philly all day ya hear me!

  • YoteC


  • Uwan_maswag


  • Dupree

    Feelin Amatic flow but Rock was saying something had to vote for him

  • Aj

    ROCKBOTTOM! Dude’s lyrics are SICK!

  • Magic

    Smh this jawn can’t be about talent! its clearly politics…the hottest are at the bottom Amatic needs to win


    Amatic Amatic Amatic

  • ms_orji

    Nala Gold going to win!!!!! #GoldGang

  • dis shit cant be about talent!!!! Fetti Zay went in harder than all of them hands down. Hope he get on the next beat and kill that shit too!

  • AO

    SERIOUSLY… Them other chicks ASS… Amatic FLAMED THAT SHIT…. Rock went in too BUTTTT.. MATIC ALL DAY I put bread up that she will Kill number everybody here tho.. CHECK ROCK!!! CheckMeOut!!

  • Fetti Zay and Amatic had the best verses but I would go with Fetti Zay because of bars and delivery.

  • cme

    Man Amatic shoulda won…wack ass NalaGold got a crazy ass following though…the b chick is a fucking joke…and I fuxx wit the rock bull…Id put money up on Matic any day cuz im NEVER disappointed with any of her shit

  • V

    ppl with the lowest votes were the better ones how sad