HHS1987 Freestyle Friday (8/9/13) **Vote For This Week’s Champion Now**

August 9, 2013 25


Each and every Friday, HipHopSince1987.com will post an instrumental on the website for ANYONE TO DOWNLOAD. All artists are encouraged to download this week’s instrumental and return it to [email protected] by 6pm Thursday with at least 60 seconds of a their rap, singing and etc. Please include a photo of yourself, Twitter, Instagram, along with the track you submit. No Freestyle should be longer than two minutes. (Any song longer than 2 minutes may not be posted that week).

The TOP 5-7 submissions (Meaning Not All) will get posted on HHS1987 Freestyle Friday along with a poll. The poll will close at midnight on Friday. The winner will be announced Saturday and will be given a blog post on HHS1987.com, as well as a post on HipHopSince1987 Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. The winner must participate in the following week. If there is a winner for 5 weeks straight then he or she will win free advertisement placement on the website. Thats either a choice of 5 days on the top video box, or all 4 ads and background on the website for 5 days.

DOWNLOAD Next Week’s (8-16-13) “My Life A Movie” produced by Inomeka808 (@Inomek808). Inomeka is a 19 year old producer from Columbus, Ga. He is the CEO of TrapNomek.

Make sure you follow @HipHopSince1987 & @Eldorado2452 on Twitter/ Instagram and Send Submisions to [email protected] Please submit ALL materials for HHS1987 Freestyle Friday by 6:00pm on the Thursday night before the contest (the earlier in the week the better). Any Submissions received after 6:00pm Thursday est will not be accepted. Good Luck to everyone who participates.

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  • davis

    this is crap. gotta be rigged

  • davis

    these cant be the best MCs yall could find smh.

  • Bloody

    Tf y’all mad for my nigga YoungBlack over a lot of niggas in Philly y’all high

  • Unc

    Young black got this shit

  • FBlock

    My Nigga YoungBlack is better than these niggas in Philly . Hands down .. Y y’all hating .. U better go listen to him be for u Judge ..

  • Youngblack the hottest in the city

  • Nobody fucking with my nigga Reem

  • Eddie Kraz Garcia

    Goodluck to yall

  • Eddie Kraz Garcia

    Good luck to yall

  • tank

    Youngblack hottest n city

  • neph

    all of them dope mcs. amac on it on tho!

  • jay-re

    Spade got that good siit plus his the hottest s..t n the east coast you don’t know you better ask somebody

  • jay-re

    Spade u got this man

  • jay-re

    Spade got that good shit! Word up! Go youngin keep doing ur thing that was hot I see you n hear you!

  • jay-re

    I’m surprise No 1 picked u up son! U Pretty damn good my son! Shit if No 1 Come forward I will!

  • renee

    Spade that was hot! I’msurprise no1 picked u up yet. That shit was on point


  • B

    Young blackkkk

  • 1200

    Youngblack got that rap shit with him lets be real

  • 4chainz

    To many fake Kendrick Lamar’s where is the bars





  • yall niggas mad cause philly taking over yall some suck ass niggas hating #GoHam #GH
    GoHamRoyalty recently posted…Go Ham Vlog (Young Drizz)My Profile

  • Mercedes(#GoHam#Fan)

    LOL I cant believe ya’ll Nigga’s on here talking about ish rigged lol your bull losing…. You MAAAAADDDDD lol #GOHAM or go home!

  • Philly

    Young black sound like everybody dats wrong wit da game now dats da problem niggas all sound a like it aint no structure I mean if he create his only lane he will be good forreal forreal all these niggas trash