Shawty Lo Talks His 11 Kids By 10 Different Women Story to MTV (Video)

January 9, 2013 0

Shawty Lo recently became relevant when the pilot of his new reality TV show leaked at the end of 2012. The show is called “All My Babies Mamas.” The rapper has 11 kids by 10 different women, and the show shows how they all interact among one another. Shawty Lo recently broke down the show and his excuse for having 11 kids by 10 different women to MTV, as well as the importance of raising his children.

“I came to be one of the largest drug dealers to come from Atlanta, Bankhead area and I started havin’ kids. When the money came, a lot of women came,” he said, estimating he was a millionaire by the time he turned 21. “Once you feel like a girl was your girlfriend or whatever, the rubber probably came off,” he said candidly. “They wouldn’t have an abortion. They used to take the money and run with it, and they’d have a baby by the most popular guy in the street, and that’s how I had all them kids.”

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