[Day 27] Black Deniro – 30 For THIRTY Freestyle (Video) (Shot by Rick Dange)

March 27, 2013 2

Black Deniro spits his 30 for Thirty freestyle for the HHS1987 cameras. HHS1987 presents 30 for Thirty, 30 days, 30 freestyles, 30 different rappers. All shot & edited by Rick Dange.

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Day 1: Joey Jihad http://youtu.be/qnbH1K7j5V4
Day 2: K. West http://youtu.be/k8gklYju7s0
Day 3: Clout & Flash Amorosos http://youtu.be/XKTH4GOuuCA
Day 4: Garci (Ape Gang) http://youtu.be/Stx3D1p7MNY
Day 5: OCD: Moosh & Twist http://youtu.be/O3MAk6Qd91c
Day 6: Pusha Feek http://youtu.be/5aum7xzdG0U
Day 7: Pate http://youtu.be/WcFF3K__bPk
Day 8: Riq Geez http://youtu.be/8LChMWI9hk0
Day 9: The Vets http://youtu.be/f0efckklhkU
Day 10: Nitty http://youtu.be/N3rlmyUH1xI
Day 11: Mont Brown http://youtu.be/V5hiJ687-vg
Day 12: Kre Forch http://youtu.be/x_0ay3eNkYs
Day 13: Guordan http://youtu.be/ue5HJ8YA9h8
Day 14: Asia Sparks http://youtu.be/wY3J7ajj34Y
Day 15: Gillie Da Kid http://youtu.be/ODbntiWVJwE
Day 16: AR-AB x Dark Lo http://youtu.be/Jp-J2t-71bc
Day 17: Louie V Gutta x Lil Snupe http://youtu.be/uvlxXiaFvEA
Day 18: E. Ness http://youtu.be/MuAPOfCgE1g
Day 19: Philly Swain http://youtu.be/VAa99gj9wVQ
Day 20: Tiani Victoria http://youtu.be/rADzkD4y-uQ
Day 21: Leen Bean http://youtu.be/6zuLx0Z76Hs
Day 22: Chinko Da Great http://youtu.be/fc8rEY2r71I
Day 23: Al 1Thing http://youtu.be/9FqOUiW_jnQ
Day 24: McVeigh http://youtu.be/TraJTQdbwPk
Day 25: Bigg Homie & Major http://youtu.be/uyr6iDgzPZU
Day 26: Tone Trump http://youtu.be/Lxuz0gavdxc

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  • Killa

    State rd anint jail nigga that grown man daycare try fed time and upstate where nigga got elbows and 30 years off of co defendants

  • Boo

    Yo this nigga keep talking about he was locked up! Nigga u was on state rd for a couple weeks relax nigga! U can tell black ain’t never been booked before cuz he actin like it was a life changing experience.