Garci (Ape Gang) Talks New Documentary, Why He Got Booked, Ape Gang, New Studio & More (Video)

February 15, 2013 7

Garci of Ape Gang sits down with HHS1987 to talk about his new documentary, why he got booked, his work ethic since he been home, what he has planned for in the next 30 days, he breaks down the Ape Gang movement, their new studio, and so much more. This video was shot and edited by Rick Dange.

Watch Garci’s latest video “Niggas Want Me Dead” featuring Ape Gang Stizz & Jimmy Da Gent below:

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  • TYgizzle

    I don’t care if you fly to a different city every day the bottom line is ape gang music is weak and very very un-original. This is just another case of niggas who don’t wanna work a regular job so they think they’re rappers when they’re not. Be a manager, engineer, producer, etc. GARCI, MAINE, PREEM, STANLEY: y’all are not rappers! No label will invest in wack rappers who can’t even move units in your own city and don’t have any originality.

  • ThatBol

    Damn TyGizzle, what they fucked one if your bitches or something, that’s a lot of hate for one man. Damn, don’t be a hater all your life

  • Anonymous Thomas

    Damn TyGizzle my nizzle what part of the game is that? Seems very very personal my dude. This is why the labels avoid Philly as a city period because cats like you make it a liability with that hating ass comment! Work is work. Fuck you talmbout? #WinnersMove

  • TYgizzle

    Naw it’s def not personal I don’t know any of them. Y’all niggas be in denial knowing damn well these rappers be wack. What do they say or do that’s original? No label in the world is getting behind this trash y’all gon see. These niggas better put they’re own shit out and buy all the copies they can! It’s not hate, it’s facts. You’ll see. 5 years from now they’ll be history. Maybe 2 years.

  • Queenofphilly

    To pray on someone’s downfall shows how pointless your life is!! In 5 years you will be nobody.. Do some more research since your obviously a fan or a Stan but they are set up for a deal. This is how you know they made it because that nuggets y’all didn’t let tag along is now typing hate under post lol.. That’s some female shit lol. Carry on

  • ReginaNj

    Lol he said I don’t know any of them but put they names in bold Ctfu damn Apegang invite this dude to a show lol. He probably asked for a picture with y’all or something nd y’all played him. Keep pushing Apegang y’all on top and that’s when the hate comes!!!! I went to Garci party & the whole city came out!! Do y’all thing & I’m going to buy your albums!!

  • CjA

    Look like the bul statin facts to me ion know bout y’all but nobody I know ain’t giving this garbage no play and never will cuz it sound like all other Philly shit.