Win Tickets To See Nipsey Hussle Perform Live In Philly on March 8th

March 3, 2014 10


HipHopSince1987 is giving away a pair of tickets to see Nipsey Hussle live in Philadelphia, Pa on March 8th at 9pm. Although Nipsey’s 31 city Crenshaw tour officially ends in February, the Crenshaw MC had to set aside a special date for his Philly fans. The opening acts for the show are Gillie Da Kid (who starred in the 2010 film, Caged Animal with Nipsey), and many others.

HHS1987 will be giving away a pair of tickets Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week leading up to his March 8th show. Contest details are below.

  1. Leave a comment below on this blog post telling us why you and a friend deserve to see Nipsey Hussle live in Philly, your favorite Crenshaw song and more.
  2. Follow @HipHopSince1987 & @NipseyHussle on Twitter & tweet the following:

Follow @HipHopSince1987 for a chance to win a pair of tickets to see @NipseyHussle Live in Philly 3/8/14

We will pick winners based on the rules above. The more you tweet the better your chances. The winner will be notified via email, so when you leave a comment please enter the correct email address. Good luck!


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  • Keirria Drew

    I deserve to win a pair of tickets to go see Nipsey Hussle March 8th @ the TLA cause I’m am a huge supporter & fan of Nip. I been with banging him since ‘Hussle In The House’ came out. I feel as though he is a game changer, for the simple fact that he is a independent artist building his own empire & to sell his mixtape for $100 and people shot him down saying he was crazy & it wouldn’t sell. That nigga even got Jay-z interested enough to purchase copies, that whole “f*ck the middle man” movement is the truth. You can’t trust people out here so you have to start investing in yourself, perfecting your craft & building your brand. And that’s exactly what Nipsey is doing, I salute him and honestly can say this man is an inspiration to me to build my own business. I’m on this Marathon hustle and I’m trynna get up like the big homie !

  • Keirria Drew

    Also my fave Crenshaw song is “Blessings” & “4 In The Morning”

  • Ant

    I Deserve to see nip cause i own every mixtape he put out and paid $100 for crenshaw im proud 2 pay & as a fellow indie artist we gotta stick together

  • I deserve to win a pair of tickets to go see Nipsey Hussle because I understand how it is to be on an independent route trying to make something you believe in grown. Nipsey Hussle and other west coast artist inspire because most of them are on an independent route building their own brands and it’s starting to pay off for them. Me coming from an independent route and trying to make my business grow I understand that’s it a huge journey, but if you believe and stay true to yourself, work consistently, and make the right chess moves, it have no choice but to grow. I seen Nipsey Hussle, Dom Kennedy, and Roc-a fella do it so I know that I can do it. My favorite song is Don’t take days off.

  • Shawn Dandridge

    This would be the highlight of my year. I’ve been trying to see Nipsey perform in concert since 2005. My right hand man let me hear “Bullets Ain’t Got No Names,” and that was one of the first mix tapes I could play start to finish around the time. He brings back actually content in West Coast rap. I feel thats what the game has been missing from that coast. On top of being a true lyricist, he is representing my home country of Ethiopia. I have to get to this show. I saw him in NY a few years back, on the street with no security and he was a real humble dude. Said if I ever got to come to show, I should. I haven’t had the opportunity to do so yet, but I woke up and saw this opportunity so hopefully this works out.

  • In the morning when I wake up, I gotta listen to “checc me out” while I get dressed. When Im on my way to work, I listen “dont take days off”. Im in my last semester as a graduating senior at Delaware State University, so when I’m thinking of dropping out every other day, I’m bumping the marathon continues – “who detached us” as a reminder to be great. Shoot, half the time Im listening to him i feel like Im in LA somewhere, chilling under palm trees and filming “summer time in that cutlass”. His mixtapes/albums are an experience. Im talking down to the ill ass samples. I deserve to win Nipsey Hu$$le tickets for the simple fact that I’m a true fan of not only his work, but his dedication to being an independent hip hop artist. Watching Nipsey grow into a well loved and respected artist is what makes me a fan. Supporting his music makes me a fan. Following him on all social networks is what makes me a fan. Being inspired by his lyrics is what makes me a fan. Owning every mixtape he produced is what makes me a fan. SO, attending this concert in my hometown #philly will jus make me an obsessed fan lol. I deserve these tickets… hu$$le for everything I want….so I won’t stop entering to win until I do!

  • I deserve to go see Nipsey Hussle in philly because I don’t have any other plans for my spring break and don’t have the money to go anywhere else. My favorite song off of Crenshaw would have to be ‘1 of 1 ft. BH’, probably because of the audacity. Nip is one of the few artist that still inspires these days.

  • I deserve to see Nipsey because I’m a huge fan and have been since he blew up years ago. My favorite song is U See Us. I’m also a huge Philly hip hop fan and have never seen Gillie perform and would love to see that. #figgagang

  • Gjoid

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