SunNY x HHS1987 Present: Sucka Free Fitness Runyon Canyon (Vlog)

July 26, 2014 1

Recently Sucka Free Fitness CEO and hip-hop artist SunNY and HHS1987’s Eldorado took a trip to Los Angeles to spread the message of health and hip-hop.

Sucka Free Fitness is a fitness program founded in Atlanta,Ga by hip-hop artist and personal health trainer SunNY that pushes the physical and mental conditions of its members to their limits. With so many rappers, actors and entertainers living fast and eating fast foods daily, SunNY has come up with a fitness and dietary system to help keep young actors and entertainers healthy and living strong. Training the likes of DJ Don Cannon, DJ Sense, the Freebandz ladies and other entertainers, SunNY is ready to change the health and hip-hop game.

During our trip to Los Angeles, Sucka Free Fitness and HHS1987 teamed up with Q-Flex fitness CEO Qimmah Russo and her fitness team including Cleveland Browns wide receiver Jonathan Krause to complete the challenge of running and physical fitness on Runyon Canyon. Check out the interview with SunNY as he explains the mission of Sucka Free Fitness and the workout session with Sucka Free Fitness and Q- Flex fitness.

The interview was conducted by HHS1987’s Eldorado. The vlog was shot by HHS1987’s Brian Da Director.

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