B.o.B – New Black (Dedicated To Mike Brown)

August 19, 2014 1



Decatur native B.o.B voices his opinion on the death of Michael Brown with his latest record. B.o.B discusses violence in the black community and more on this new single “New Black”. Check out B.o.B’s new single below.


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  • Faye

    In remembrance of young Brown, (in the melody of Stevie Wonder’s “Living For The City”
    A boy shot dead in hard times of Missouri
    a situation, that wasn’t very pretty
    His mother gave him love and affection
    she did her best, giving him hope in the right direction
    but he died young and black, young and black, in streets of Missouri…

    Minimum wage yields pennies by the hours
    while struggling hearts, can never hold a dollar
    The upper class, need for nothing behind their doors,
    while the poor and needy, wash dishes and scrub their floors
    some dying young and black, young and black in Missouri…

    Michael was broad, he stood tall and strong
    to shoot him dead, was evil and just pure wrong
    never having the chance, to see a better way
    or the opportunity, for a much happier day.
    He died young and black, young and black, in streets of Missouri..

    Many there are smart, and have talented skills,
    but they’re held in poverty, never making it over the hill
    To find a job is like a haystack needle
    cause where they lives they don’t use colored people
    so they die young and black, young and black in Missouri