DJ Cosmic Kev Talks Career, Power 99, Philly Rap Scene & More With HHS1987 (Video)

June 13, 2014 1


Here is part one of HHS1987‘s exclusive with legendary DJ and radio staple Cosmic “Strictly Skills” Kev. Before playing host to the Bacardi Mango Fusion Lounge #RepYourFlavor event this past weekend, Philly’s “Number One DJ” chopped it up with HHS1987’s own B. Wyche about a number of topics including his tenure at Philly’s Power 99 and his most memorable moment at the station, what artists in Philly have his attention right now, advice for artists on the come up and much more.

Watch the interview below, check back for part two and be on the lookout for more exclusive content that you can only find here on HHS1987.

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  • philly rapper

    fuck out of here Kev you a sucker and this site sucks for even interviewing you you have hurt this city for 23yrs cause you too busy trying to act street when you never been there you think you know street niggas but you don’t if a rapper don’t pay you or get you to do there mix tape of course you going to tell the label you don’t know them cause its nothing in it for you. you are a dick rider to those who already made it when you could have been dj khalid but you are so small minded that you rather take small money for play and ruin a relationship rather then build an empire there is no industry in philly because you destroyed it power 99 suck docB is a way better dj then you but he’s a yes man Meek don’t like you you can’t even get him to do a show cause he know you a sucker you didn’t put him on he worked for it you had no choice to play his records you too busy trying to be in certain clicks for protection cause you took so many people money and did them dirty and you don’t know who the real street niggas are. your time is up!!!! its time to ban power 99 cause u need to get your walking papers how do you sleep at night knowing its talented people out here thats left to turn to crime cause you want new rims on ya truck???? we want you out!!!!!!