Jay Electronica Goes On A Rant About America’s Current Events Via Twitter

December 8, 2014 0


It’s no secret that Jay Electronica is of the social-political rappers of this era. While on tour with Common, he took some time to share how he really feels about all thats going on in our country currently, race, black-on-black crime, & he even came for President Barack Obama in his rant.

Here’s the summary version of his tweets:

shut the fuck up w all that we need peace talk. Peace ain’t gonna fall outta the sky. and shut the fuck up with that black on black crime bullshit. Who extracts metal from the earth and mass produces weapons with it? Blacks? how do these guns find their way into our hands. did we raid the military bases and get them? do we manufacture them? everybody knows who the true criminals are. fuck all this politically correct shit. we live in a criminal nation, founded by rapists, mass murderers and robbers. so don’t tell me about “black on black” crime. these motherfuckers are poisoning the food air land and water and causes wars all over the earth, extincting entire species of animals… and then have the nerve to point a finger talking about crime and thugs. You motherfuckers are the supreme thugs. why would you expect freedom justice and equality from ppl who still teach that Benjamin Franklin discovers electricity in 2014. then you wanna flash a image on the news of a black man stealing a car or a tv. flash the image of the land stealers. and the lineage and birth rite stealers. they will even steal your name. check your id and don’t tell me get over it, just like you’re afraid to tell those caucasians who suffered under hitler get over it. fuck that.

im not getting over one damn molecule.

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For someone like Jay Electronica to take to twitter to share his thoughts means that our country is really in ruins. Share YOUR thoughts on this situation in the comments section below.

God bless “America”.. “The land of the free”..

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