Jay-Z, Kanye West, & Frank Ocean Being Sued over “Made In America”

August 28, 2014 0


It seems as if musician, Joel McDonald, feels that Hov, Ye, & Frank Ocean bit his style over their version of “Made in America”, which is featured on the 2011 Hip-Hop classic album, Watch The Throne. He claims to have laid down the “blueprint” for the track in his 2009 version and is suing the trio for $3 million.  Listen to McDonald’s version & the WTT version below.

Joel McDonald’s version of “Made in America”

WTT version of “Made in America”

Like HOV said, “What we talking ’bout? Real sh*t or we talking ’bout rhymes? You talking ’bout millions or you talking ’bout mine?” 

C’mon son..

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