Juicy J Talks Longevity In Hip Hop, Being A Label Executive, Upcoming Album & More (Video)

March 17, 2014 0

Here is HHS1987’s interview with Southern rap veteran Juicy J. After a sold out show at the Theater of Living Arts in Philadelphia, Juicy J sat down with HHS1987’s E-Money to talk about the secret to his longevity and continued relevance in Hip-Hop, his desire to be a major label record executive, his pick for best celebrity twerker, and more.

When it comes to his continued relevance in the game, Juicy J attributed his success to staying focused. “I just do my thing, I stay in the studio,” he admitted. “I don’t really be paying attention to what another person doing. I mind my own business, man, that’s the main thing you gotta do in this music [business]: mind your own business [and] stay focused on you and what you got going on yourself.”

As an accomplished artist and producer, Juicy stated that in the future he would like to move from the booth and into the boardroom as a record label executive.

“I feel like as I keep evolving and elevating in my career right now, since I’m an OG, I feel like I can be the next LA Reid, or Barry Weiss, Clive Davis; one of those kinds of guys that paved the way for a lot of artist in the music business.” He acknowledged that he’d still make music from time to time, but that his main focus would be cultivating the next generation of stars. “I would really focus on trying to sign new artists and producers and whoever got great talent and [is] ready to work.”

When asked who his favorite celebrity twerker was, Juicy didn’t hesitate to name his frequent collaborator Miley Cyrus. More surprisingly, however, was his admission to being intrigued by the potential twerking ability of British songstress Adele. “I like Adele’s music. I think that would be great. I think people would be shocked,” he said in reference to what Adele’s dancing skills could offer.

Sir J of the Juice also touched on the topic of his new album (which he stated would be dropping in August or September) as well as his views on enterprising in states with legalized recreational marijuana.

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This video was shot by HHS1987’s BWyche.

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