Love & Hip Hop (Season 4 Episode 10) (Video)

January 14, 2014 0

love-hip-hop-season-4-episode-10-video-HHS1987-2014-1 Love & Hip Hop (Season 4 Episode 10) (Video)

Tahiry visits her best friend Rashidah Ali to vent out but the situation gets heated when Rah begins to question Tahiry’s friendship and selfishness. K.Michelle and Tara go on a double date with the twin brothers Tara met at her audition. The four of them go to a stunt studio. Joe meets with Lexie to ask permission to marry Tahiry and discuss his plans for marriage. When Erica shows up uninvited to Rich’s event, she checks his new model, Jessica, and ends up throwing a drink in her face. After everything they’ve been through together, Rich puts it all on the line and opens up to Erica about his feelings for her. With family and friends there for support, Joe sets up his proposal to Tahiry in Times Square. Will Tahiry say yes?

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