Meek Mill Helps Pay Medical Bills Of Cancer Patient

March 30, 2014 3

The other day on Instagram, I noticed Meek Mill reposted a picture asking how he could help a cancer patient raise money for her bills. Gilliane Chrisphonte started a GoFundMe account and was attempting to raise $12,000 to pay for her battle against Lymphoma. Meek teamed up with charity organization, Robin Hood, to raise $18,390. Hopefully, this helps the young lady at least have peace of mind that he medical bills are covered.

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  • Nicole Savanna

    This is not true at All and I would expect a media outlet like Hip Hop since 1987 2 check before posting.If you followed Meek’s IG u would see he had intentions of helping but by the time he found the site other people donated and exceeded the 12,000 with over 18,000.Dont turn into media takeout.

    • I apologize on behalf of our friends HipHopSince1987. Media outlets sometimes make mistakes, even the biggest have. I’m sure they thank you for brining it to their attention. Peace!

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